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Tom Brady Leads Buccaneers to Ridiculous 4th Quarter Comeback Over Saints

by John Jamison

The GOAT’s still got it. In an absolutely vintage showing from Tom Brady, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the New Orleans Saints 17-16 under the Monday Night Football lights. The Bucs improbably took the lead from their NFC South rival Saints with three seconds left on the clock. Needless to say, they didn’t give it back up.

After knocking through an early field goal, the Buccaneers stagnated. It looked like they were in for a beating at the hands of Andy Dalton and a stingy New Orleans defense. Enter Tom Brady. Tampa Bay came alive right on cue… if that cue was five minutes left in the game, being down two possessions.

With just two more shots at the endzone, Brady found Rachaad White underneath on 3rd down and made it look easy. Add another game-winning drive to Tom Brady’s unrivaled resume (that’s 56, to be exact).

Tom Brady Had NFL Twitter Going Absolutely Nuts

From casual NFL fans to talking heads, Tom Brady did not fail to impress. That said, it took him the better part of four quarters to do so. Skip Bayless, for one, has absolutely no doubt in his mind about one aspect of Brady’s legacy…

Robert Griffin III, a man who’s held the keys to an NFL franchise at the QB position, shared Skip’s sentiment.

“NO ONE is more clutch than Tom Brady,” RGII wrote on Twitter.

But perhaps no one put it better than Barry, the legend himself…

“Tom Brady is inevitable. His opponents just refuse to put him away when they have the chance. Been that way for 20 years. This is why there’s no point in fighting against him as the GOAT. Everything always goes his way,” he wrote.