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Tom Brady Makes One Young Fan’s Dreams Come True

by Suzanne Halliburton
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

On the day Tom Brady accomplished another career milestone, his simple gesture of kindness gave a kid a memory he’ll never forget.

Brady saw a little boy standing in the first row, cheering for him. He walked over and gave the kid a hat and shook his hand.

So how did the boy react? Outsiders, remember back to when you were in elementary or middle school. Now imagine the greatest player in the game walking over to you and giving you a gift. The young boy, who was wearing red gloves, covered his face and cried. It should be noted that the little boy also had a sign that said Tom Brady helped him beat brain cancer.

The Tampa Bay Bucs official social media account documented the moment, which happened with about 33 seconds left to play.

First, they showed a photo of the little boy holding a sign saying “Tom Brady Helped Me Beat Brain Cancer.” Then, the Bucs posted a clip of what happened. Tampa Bay captioned it: This is what it’s all about. … More than a game.”

Noah Reeb was the little boy in the Tom Brady jersey carrying the Tom Brady sign. Just like lots of other little boys, he was there with his dad at Raymond James Stadium watching the Bucs maul the Chicago Bears, 38-3.

Reporters asked Brady about his moment with Noah in a post-game press conference. Brady gave Noah a “Crucial Catch” hat. The hat is part of an NFL mission to help beat cancer.

“That was really sweet,” said the 44-year-old father of two boys and a girl. “You know, obviously tough kid, man. Puts a lot in perspective of what we’re doing on the field. In the end, it doesn’t mean much compared to what so many people go through,” said Brady. “You know we all try to make a difference in different ways and I think so many guys commit time to their foundations, to doing good things for the world, and the NFL does a lot of great things… I always think you know, do the best you can do you know under any circumstance so that was nice to see.”

Brady threw career touchdown passes Nos. 599, 600, 601, and 602. Mike Evans caught three of the TD passes, including milestone No. 600. There’s no active quarterback close to Brady in touchdown passes. Recently retired Drew Brees is in second on the all-time list with 571.

Tampa was so far ahead over the Bears that Tom Brady came out of the game midway through the fourth quarter. That gave him plenty of time to soak up the game atmosphere at Raymond James and connect with a kid like Noah.

Seeing Noah’s reaction after meeting possibly the greatest player ever will never get old.