Tom Brady Makes Reporter’s Husband Nervous During Interview

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images)

Now that Tom Brady is a single man, there are a lot of folks out there worried about what that might mean. The NFL GOAT is on the market. That’s why one reporter’s husband was nervous after an interview recently. NFL Network’s Sara Walsh spoke to Brady after his most recent game.

Walsh was in Munich, Germany to talk to Tom Brady after his winning effort. The win got his team to a .500 record and to the top of the NFC South. That’s something that has been a constant battle back and forth this year. He had a lot to be happy about after the game, that’s for sure.

Of course, Walsh’s husband isn’t just any regular guy. He’s a bullpen coach for the Toronto Blue Jays. You may remember him from Aaron Judge’s 61st home run. The ball fell into the bullpen and Matt Buschmann made sure to get it to the man himself.

However, he didn’t think he’d have to compete with Tom Brady… he definitely had regrets about giving up that baseball.

Of course, it is all just good-hearted fun. Buschmann knows how to crack jokes about himself. After all, his Twitter bio is “Famous reporter’s husband.”

Tom Brady Gets Blamed For Early Struggles

If you thought that Tom Brady and Bruce Arians wouldn’t be mentioned together any longer, well, sorry. Arians actually threw a little shade at his former QB. When it comes to football, Brady doesn’t really get blamed. After offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich took the blame for the early season slog, Arians spoke up.

While talking to a Bucs fan site, Arians said he didn’t “think it was fair to Byron.”

“Nobody is going to say that Brady was playing bad, but he was playing bad. We also had growing pains on a young offensive front and we weren’t running well. There comes a time as a play-caller when you’re losing yards running the ball and you say, ‘Forget this, I’m putting the ball in Tom’s hands.'”

This is particularly strange since Arians is still involved with the organization. He serves as a senior football consultant for the Bucs and is often hanging around the team during practice and other activities.