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Tom Brady Nearly Forgot About His Family After Buccaneers Blowout Loss to 49ers

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Tom Brady’s mind was on one thing when he left the field at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday: getting home. After the Buccaneers suffered a 35-7 loss at the hands of the 49ers, he was ready to get the hell out of Dodge. But the quarterback forgot one minor detail.

Brady nearly left the stadium without talking to his family. He admits that it wasn’t something really on his mind as he furiously walked from the locker room to the bus.

“We got our ass kicked, and I was walking from the locker room to the bus — a kind of long walk of 500 yards or so — and just as I got to the bus the woman who I was with said, ‘Hey, didn’t you want to see your family?’” Brady said on his Let’s Go! podcast.

“They stayed?” Brady responded.

Brady, surprised that (almost) everyone stayed through the blowout, was sure to say hello to his family. Although, the quarterback said his parents did get an early jump on traffic.

“So, I turned around and walked back,” Brady said. “And at least after the game I got to see my sisters, nieces and some cousins. My parents left in the third quarter, thankfully, to get home.”

Brady didn’t necessarily “forget” about his family, he was just stunned they stuck around for the entire game. While he would’ve liked to meet them under better circumstances, it sounds like he still enjoyed the opportunity to catch up.

Tom Brady Drops ‘F’ Bombs After Terrible Loss

Things got pretty bad in San Francisco on Sunday. So bad, in fact, that FOX swapped broadcasts to another NFL game after the 49ers took a 35-0 lead in the third quarter.

Brady, who’s endured plenty of ups and downs this year, was pretty frustrated after the game. It was reported that he left the locker room without showering. He also dropped several “F” bombs while speaking with a reporter.

“Some things I don’t give a f—k about, at this point,” Brady told Michael Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle. “F—k that. I’m going home.”

Circling back to his family, Brady said he was sure “they left.” It sounds like that’s what he would’ve preferred, too.

 “I don’t want them out there in this s—t. It was horrible. We sucked,” he said.