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Tom Brady Opens Up About ‘Mutual Respect’ for Fellow NFL QB Drew Brees

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Tom Brady and Drew Brees, two of the top quarterbacks to ever step on a football field, will head into battle tomorrow (Sunday). Brady’s Tampa Bay Bucs and Brees’ New Orleans Saints will square off to see who goes to the NFC championship game.

The playoff matchup will be a clash of the quarterback titans and is sure to be worth the price of admission to see. The two future National Football League Hall-of-Famers are both aiming for another super bowl trophy for their teams.

Meeting with the media earlier this week, Tom Brady says he has tons of respect for Brees and all his accomplishments. The 43-year-old superstar quarterback jokes that Brees may have an advantage due to him being younger than himself.

“He’s a lot younger than me — he’s 18 months younger than me,” Brady says to reporters. “Eighteen months ago, I felt pretty good, so I’ve got a little advanced age on him, and experience. I’m hanging in there. He’s had a terrific year. He’s a great player, I’ve known him for a long time. I’ve always had a great amount of respect for him going all the way back to his Purdue days. My roommate when I first got to the Patriots was from Purdue and was really good friends with Drew. I always just kept up with him and have gotten to know him somewhat well over the years.”

Tom Brady Talks Similarities With Drew Brees

Brady went on to tell the media that there is a lot of mutual respect between them due to their careers being similar. Both are now playing in the over 40-years-old category, which Brady says takes a lot of effort.

“I just think so much of him as a person and as a player,” the Bucs quarterback says. “I know what it takes to do what he’s doing (and) he knows what it takes to do what I’m doing. There’s just a lot of mutual respect.”

By NFL standards, Brady and Brees are dinosaurs as players usually call it career before reaching 40. The quarterbacks are setting a new precedent as they are not only playing at 40, but also thriving in their careers. Both have had tremendous seasons this year and both will get postseason award consideration for their efforts.

The focus for now, however, is another NFL championship and that starts on Sunday evening.