Tom Brady Plans to Put ‘Foot on the Pedal’ Following Super Bowl Win

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After seven Super Bowl wins, 14 Super Bowl Records, and a rather untouchable status as the G.O.A.T of NFL quarterbacks, at what point will Tom Brady put it all to rest?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is currently 44, which makes him one of the oldest NFL quarterbacks. His success has been on a continuous uphill trend since he started out. Recently, the famous quarterback appeared on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio where he talked about what his career looks like going forward.

Tom Brady Talks Playing After Super Bowl Win

Brady shared that a big factor in ongoing success is learning that wins should just be fuel for further success. That basically means that the grind never stops and that victory should be an endless loop.

“I think if you let some of your processes slip, you fall to a really mediocre team. I think you actually have to put your foot on the pedal [after winning a Super Bowl],” Brady said during his time on the radio show.

It’s common for one-year or three-year wonders out there. Now that Brady is going into year two with the Buccaneers, there’s a lot more that’s going to factor into a successful season.

“I’ve tried to really talk to the guys, you know, just to say, ‘Look, everything’s going to be different and the expectations are obviously different now.’ You know, Not that we were sneaking up on anybody last year. I think there were high expectations for us last year, too,” he said. Now that the world and other teams know what to expect, it’s important to incorporate the unexpected.

While a Super Bowl win is cause for a major celebration, that celebration needs to be swift. Tom Brady said that having a champion mindset for too long is only a recipe for short-term success. “When you start to engage in those things, it takes away from football,” Tom Brady said.

Despite having success last season, things are completely different from season to season. New players, new routines, new plays, new coaches, and more factors all change the pace.

Tom Brady Future in Tampa Bay

Despite being one of the oldest players in the NFL and having his extra-large dose of success, Brady seems content in his new team.

After 20 years, Brady told the Tampa Bay Times, “I can still throw the ball like I’m 24.” He proved this when he helped lead the Buccaneers to a 31-9 victory for Super Bowl 55.

Brady is content with the Buccaneers and is hoping to even set a new record for the upcoming season. He wants to win back-to-back Super Bowls, which hasn’t been done since Brady did it with the Patriots 17 years ago.

Brady didn’t just move from his old team, now his work brings him to the gorgeous, warm Tampa area. “Whatever I thought I was getting into, it’s been so much better. As good as I could’ve envisioned, it’s been even more enjoyable than that. It’s pretty much a different life than being in the Northeast. I had a great 20 years and I never want to take away from that. Also, this experience has been amazing. (Tampa’s) a great-kept secret. It’s a small city. Everything is close. The airport is close. Work is close. We live on the water,” Brady said.