Tom Brady Puts Critics on Blast in Hype Video Ahead of Bucs-Cowboys Season Opener

by Sean Griffin

Tom Brady posted an incredible hype video to Twitter ahead of the NFL‘s inaugural Sunday of Week 1.

The 45-year-old Buccaneers quarterback and certified G.O.A.T. released a video ahead of his twenty-third year in the NFL. The age-defying QB shows no signs of slowing down this year, as the Bucs return most of last year’s lineup. Apparently, Brady’s arms has never looked better, according to training camp reports.

In the video, Brady addresses why he came back to the league after his short-lived retirement earlier this year. He also speaks to the strength of his team’s squad and gives us a teaser for tonight’s matchup between America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys.

“It’s been a unique offseason,” the quarterback begins, “and lately, I’ve been seeing the same question on social media. Why’d you come back? I can give you a long speech, but the answer is actually pretty simple. We’ve got a hell of a team.”

The clip then shows highlights of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady continues, revealing how he feels in tip-top shape and didn’t want to squander one last chance.

“I’m still feeling pretty good. And an arm is a terrible thing to waste.”

At the end of the video, Brady addresses how he’s made a career out of defying the odds and shutting up critics.

“I’ve been reminded for almost a decade now, you’re headed for extinction. And maybe so, but not today. I’ll see you in Dallas.”

Fans React to Tom Brady’s Awesome Hype Video Tweet

Fans quickly flooded the quarterback’s post to reply to the video. One account wrote: “Get the W, Tom.”

Another fan wrote in all caps, “YOU’RE THE GOAT AND YOU OWN THE COWBOYS.” Tom Brady has never lost to the Dallas Cowboys, going 6-0 in his career. We’ll get a chance to see if Brady improves to 7-0, or if Dak Prescott and the Cowboys can upset the Bucs in the season opener. The game kicks off at 7:20 and will be televised on NBC.

Other fans responded with more messages of encouragement for the face of the league. “Let’s go Tommy boy!” one account tweeted. “Unfinished business,” another wrote.

A few accounts, some of them seeming to be trolling Brady, posted replies outlining why they believe Brady has been overrated in his career. Another fan quickly responded with a hilarious quip: “TB12 lives rent free in your head while you continue to make payments on your waterbed loan with a 28.3% APR.”

“Can’t wait for this season,” one account tweeted. Brady enters the 2022 season with a total of 10 Super Bowl appearances and 7 victories. Last year at 44, he was the oldest quarterback ever to be selected to the Pro Bowl. Clearly, Tom’s arm hasn’t wavered, and we’re excited to see what he has in store for the Dallas Cowboys tonight.