Tom Brady Re-Signs Flag That Patriots Hall of Fame ‘Ruined’

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by S. Mellar/FC Bayern via Getty Images)

Once again, Tom Brady has saved the day. This time, though, it has nothing to do with what the quarterback accomplished on the field. A quick stroke of a pen might’ve salvaged a one-of-a-kind NFL item.

An American flag signed by Brady in the early 2000s was allegedly “ruined” by the New England Patriots Hall of Fame, significantly devaluing the item. The owner, Daniel Vitale, says that the museum’s improper display of the flag resulted in Brady’s signature fading.

Vitale alleged that the fading signature devalued the item by $1 million. He then filed a lawsuit over the situation — but Brady might’ve come to the rescue.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion re-signed the flag, according to TMZ Sports. Vitale says the new signature is bigger and better than the original, and believes the value of the signed flag will fetch a higher price.

Vitale has placed the item for sale and is currently taking offers. He plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to charity.

Former Bucs Coach Blames Tom Brady for Early Struggles

While Tom Brady was busy saving the world — or maybe just a few million dollars in NFL memorabilia — his former head coach had some interesting comments about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ early struggles.

Prior to winning back-to-back games against the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay sat with a paltry 3-5 record. Former head coach Bruce Arians said some of that had to do with Brady playing poorly.

“I don’t think it was fair to Byron,” Arians recently told Ira Kaufman of “Nobody is going to say that Brady was playing bad, but he was playing bad. We also had growing pains on a young offensive front and we weren’t running well. There comes a time as a play-caller when you’re losing yards running the ball and you say, ‘Forget this, I’m putting the ball in Tom’s hands.’”

Earlier this season, some wondered if Brady regretted coming out of retirement. One reporter even asked the question, to which the NFL legend said he stands by his decision to return.

Now at 5-5, the Bucs have seven games remaining and have complete control of their own destiny.