Tom Brady Reacts to Bills OC Throwing ‘Temper Tantrum,’ Destroying Tablet After Loss

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

Iconic quarterback Tom Brady isn’t the only person in the NFL recently that got caught on camera destroying a tablet in a fit of rage. On Sunday, the Buffalo Bills fell to the Miami Dolphins, and a video of Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey flipping out in the coaches box went viral after the game. Now, Tom Brady is hilariously thanking Dorsey for making sure he isn’t the only adult throwing a “temper tantrum.”

You could say Dorsey pulled a “Tom Brady” in Week 3 of the 2022 NFL season. That’s because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has been caught throwing tablets on the sidelines on more than one occasion. Once again, he was captured smashing a league-issued Microsoft Surface tablet in Week 2 of this season. That led the NFL to address players and personnel breaking equipment in a memo sent to all 32 teams last week.

However, things boiled over this weekend for Bills OC Ken Dorsey despite the warning. Buffalo made it into field goal range and would’ve had a chance to win the game against Miami. But before QB Josh Allen could hike the ball and spike it to stop the clock, time ran out. The Bills lost 21-19 and that’s when cameras caught Dorsey going berserk in the coaches box. He’s seen smashing a tablet, and throwing his hat and playbooks all over the place.

During Tom Brady’s most recent appearance on his Let’s Go! podcast, he joked around about Dorsey’s outburst. Brady didn’t feel alone in his frustrations anymore and thanked Dorsey for joining the smashed tablet club.

“I’m not the only adult in the entire league that’s throwing temper tantrums. Thanks Ken, for taking me off the hook,” Brady hilariously said on the podcast.

NFL Threatens to Punish Players Who Break Tablets After Tom Brady Outburst

As mentioned, the NFL addressed Tom Brady’s outburst with a memo sent to all 32 franchises last week. The high-profile “temper tantrum” saw the Bucs QB’s anger get the best of him as cameras captured him smashing a tablet on the sidelines during Tampa’s game against the New Orleans Saints.

The Buccaneers struggled for three quarters before eventually pulling off the win. But his mid-game outburst had already gone viral online by the time the matchup ended, and the league took notice.

NFL insider Jay Glazer shared the news of the NFL sending out the memo during this weekend’s FOX NFL Sunday pre-game show. In his segment called “The Inside Scoop,” Glazer reported the league’s memo stated that players may face punishment for breaking tablets or other league-issued equipment.

“As one GM said, ‘Well, we all got a Tom Brady memo this week.’ It’s a Tom Brady memo. There you see Tom right there. Come on Tom, keep it together,” Glazer joked during the segment as the clip of Brady throwing his tablet aired in the background.