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Tom Brady Reads ‘Mean Tweets’ Before Super Bowl, Gets Tweet About Gisele Bundchen

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage)

During Wednesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady joined the show to read some “Mean Tweets.”

The popular late-night show segment has celebrities read aloud funny and often mean messages written about them on Twitter. People shared some hilarious thoughts with Brady before Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. Others shared downright ridiculous messages with the 6-time Super Bowl winner. Additionally, they made sure to mention his model wife Gisele Bundchen as well.

The “Mean Tweets: Tom Brady Edition” had a full two minutes worth of messages for the QB, but here’s a few of the best.

“Tom Brady seems like the kind of man who doesn’t know how to use a wrench,” Brady reads before responding, “It’s kinda true.”

“Can we be real for a moment? Is there really anyone you’d rather see dropped in a vat of rendered bacon fat than Tom Brady,” which gets a big laugh from Brady.

“I hate Tom Brady so much, but I have no legit reason to. He’s a nice guy, BUT I HOPE THEY BREAK HIS LEGS,” Brady says with an icy stare into the camera.

“F— you Tom Brady I hope your dog eats chocolate and gets really sick and throws up on your socks,” Brady reads before saying how messed up that is.

Finally, “F— you Tom Brady. I hope this loss depresses you so bad you can hardly have sex with your supermodel wife in your giant mansion.” Brady acts like he’s zipping his lips and wisely says, “I have no comment to that.”

You can watch the full “Mean Tweets” segment in the clip below.

Tom Brady Isn’t Afraid to Poke Fun at Himself

As evidenced in his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tom Brady isn’t above taking a good ribbing. Not only was he a good sport to read out all of those mean tweets, but he’ll even poke fun of himself on social media.

The 43-year-old quarterback is playing in his tenth Super Bowl after playing in nine with the New England Patriots. In his first season in Tampa Bay, he’s already led the Bucs to the big game. Some things never change, like Brady making it to the Super Bowl. However, he poked fun at one particularly hilarious photo that showed how much things have changed since his college football days in Michigan over two decades ago.

Brady shared a post from Sporting News that compared his first appearance in a video game to his most recent appearance. In 1998, the future superstar QB had an uncredited appearance in EA Sports’ college football game. The graphics are amusing to say the least by today’s standards. Brady has most recently been updated on his new Bucs team in EA Sports’ Madden NFL 21.

In comparison to his first video game appearance, the difference couldn’t be more drastic. When looking at the modern game, you can see the folds of his Tampa Bay jersey, the reflection of light on his helmet, and even his specific facial features underneath the helmet. In contrast, his 1998 college football avatar looked like a pixelated mess.

To note the changes over the years, Brady shared a hilarious side by side photo. The picture on the left is an infamous courtroom drawing that was widely ridiculed for looking nothing like the quarterback. It stemmed from the New England Patriots’ “deflategate” scandal from early 2015.

Meanwhile, the photo on the right shows a cleaned up and dressed to the nines Tom Brady standing on the red carpet in 2018. The comparison is amusingly on point.