Tom Brady Reportedly Being Investigated in Texas Over Promotion of FTX

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images)

Tom Brady and other celebrities are at the center of a Texas investigation related to the promotion of FTX. The cryptocurrency exchange out of the Bahamas recently filed bankruptcy.

Watcher.Guru reported the news that Brady, as well as NBA superstar Steph Curry, is under investigation for promoting FTX. The NFL quarterback became a brand ambassador in 2021.

Per NBC Sports, both Brady and Curry face lawsuits over the crash of FTX. There are allegations that the cryptocurrency exchange was a pyramid scheme and that celebrities were brought on as promoters.

Joe Rotunda, the director of enforcement for Texas Securities Board, told Bloomberg that, while they’ll look into the involvement of Brady and Curry, it’s not the highest priority.

“We are taking a close look at them,” he said. “(They) aren’t the most immediate priority, they’re still a focus in the regulator’s large probe into FTX’s collapse.”

At this time, it’s unclear what repercussions, Brady, Curry and others could face for their involvement with FTX.

Tom Brady’s Season From Hell

If you thought your year was going poorly, just look at what Tom Brady has had to endure in 2022. The seven-time Super Bowl champion has gone through a very public divorce, battled on-field struggles and now is the subject of an investigation.

It’s not been sunshine and roses for Brady this year.

While going through a lot of off-the-field issues, Brady has admitted that finding the right emotional level has been tough at times this year.

“I think the most important thing when you look forward is how do you play your best football?” Brady said on his Let’s Go! podcast. “And if you play your best football you’ve gotta believe that you’re capable of winning every single week. It’s just the challenge is, how do you do that?

“I always come back to preparation, to your process. Are you doing the right things to be able to prepare ourselves to play and ultimately get to game day and then be at an emotional level where you can play very well and you can play very free and you can play with a lot of excitement like we did [vs. the Seahawks].”

The one positive for Brady? He’s led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to back-to-back wins over the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks. The Bucs are now 5-5 and sit atop the NFC South standings.