Tom Brady Reportedly Won Super Bowl and Played the Entire Season With Torn MCL

by Thad Mitchell

Former New England Patriot and current Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterback Tom Brady is the unquestioned G.O.A.T. among professional athletes.

That stands for “Greatest of All Time” and is a title that Tom Brady has more than earned. At 43-years-old, Brady had one of the best seasons any quarterback has ever had. Playing with a new and in a new offense, Tom Brady was his usual dominant self. He led the Bucs to one of the finest seasons in the history of the franchise, culminating with a championship. He did all of this as a deadly pandemic raged around him, putting a hamper on the 2020 season Simply put, it is one of the greatest accomplishments in professional sports history and isn’t likely to be outdone any time soon.

As if you needed more evidence to crown Tom Brady as the greatest, reports are now emerging he did all of this despite a serious injury. A report from the Tampa Bay Times alleges that Brady played the entire 2020 season with a torn medial collateral ligament in his left knee. An MCL tear is considered a significant injury and often requires surgery to correct. Tom Brady allegedly did have an operation on the injury — after the 2020 season ended and he had his seventh Super Bowl Ring. He reportedly got the surgery done on Friday during the week after the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady Played Season on Injurred Knee

The report says that Tom Brady injured his knee while he was still a member of the New England Patriots. That means he spent the entire 16-game, 2020 NFL season on a knee that would require immediate surgery in most cases. A torn MCL is not an injury that most players choose to play with, but this is Tom Brady we’re talking about here. He bucked up and went through the entire season, not to mention four additional games in the playoffs. Even with a fully healthy knee, what he did in 2020 was quite remarkable and will be remembered forever. The knee injury just adds another layer to the quarterback’s superhero-like greatness.

It isn’t as if Brady hobbled his way through the season either for his brand new team. The 2020 Most Valuable Player Award went to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who certainly earned the honor. But, no one would have made a peep if the 43-year-old Tom Brady would take the honor. That is how good his 2020 NFL season was.

He capped off his spectacular season by demolishing the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. For his heroics in the game (He threw three touchdowns) he was named Super Bowl 55’s MVP.

Now with his injured left knee on the mend, Tom Brady will soon begin preparing for the 2021 season. It would unwise to bet against him or the Bucs finding success once again.