Tom Brady Fires Back at Meme Poking Fun at His Age with Hilarious Photos

by Will Shepard

Tom Brady is playing in his tenth Super Bowl on Sunday, February 7. The football world is losing its mind over how much has changed since he first came into the NFL.

So, Tom Brady took to Twitter to share a hilarious comparison of photos about a video game. The first time that the superstar quarterback was put in a video game was way back in 1998. This appearance, although uncredited, was for Madden 99. The graphics in the game are hilarious. He looks like a character plucked straight out of Minecraft.

Now, though, Madden NFL 21 is out, and it is safe to say that the graphics have changed a lot. His in-game character looks like a spitting image of him on the actual football field.

So, to make fun of these changes, Tom Brady shares a hilarious side by side photo. The picture of him on the right is actually a (horrible) pastel drawing of him sitting in a courtroom. The courtroom image is a pull from a much larger drawing of the “deflategate” scandal from early 2015.

Meanwhile, the photo on the right shows an excellently dressed Tom Brady standing on the red carpet in 2018.

Tom Brady

It is important to note that over his video game history, he has improved immensely. Tom Brady’s first Madden video game gave him an overall rating of just 46. Since then, he has joined the 99 overall rating club. This puts him in some elite company, but he certainly deserves to be there.

Tom Brady has been in 18% of all of the Super Bowls since the league merged to become the NFL. Moreover, he has been in 48% of the Super Bowls since he came into the NFL. Those statistics are absolutely insane.

It also means that there is a higher chance that he will make the Super Bowl than Steph Curry will hit a three. Steph will hit a three on roughly 44% of his attempts. Again, this comparison is just ridiculous. The arguments that he isn’t the greatest quarterback of all time are crazy.

Patrick Mahomes’ career is shaping up to be as impressive, but he has a long way to go to compare to Tom Brady. Nonetheless, their showdown comes in four days in Tampa Bay. Fair warning, bet against Brady at your own risk.