Tom Brady Responds to Buccaneers, Sets Twitter Ablaze With Joke About Drunken Super Bowl Parade

by Patrick Norton

Celebrating the Super Bowl LV victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in February 2021, Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers opted for an unconventional celebration. Instead of a parade through the streets of the downtown area, the celebration took place on the water in boats.

Tom Brady – understandably happy with the result – ingested a few too many elixirs, creating some unforgettable moments with the G.O.A.T. Blaming the stumbling aftermath on sea legs would’ve been an unnecessary lie. Fans loved watching the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns let loose and celebrate carelessly.

But one moment that left its mark on the party was Brady’s daring toss of the Lombardi Trophy across vessels. With tight end Cameron Brate able to haul in the seven-pound award, the event highlights the supreme intoxication of everybody involved.

Add the catch to a long line of impressive grabs in high pressure situations by Brady’s pass catchers. On Friday (July 1) morning, the Buccaneers’ Twitter posted a pixelated capture of the memorable moment with the caption, “Can you guess this moment in Bucs history?”

Joining the fun, the franchise’s QB chimed in, responding, “This was my actual field of vision when I hucked that thing.”

Does Tom Brady’s Future Involve One Last Shot at Parade Shenanigans?

Tom Brady wears many hats; greatest quarterback of all time, crypto king, one-time retiree and future broadcaster. Once considered a lone warrior without showing much personality to the outside world, Tom Brady’s persona continually evolves to show the 44-year-old’s sense of humor.

The blossoming public image bodes well for his next career as a color commentator for NFL on FOX. But Brady’s not ready to walk away from the gridiron just yet. Burning the retirement paperwork to return to Tampa as the league’s greatest is about accomplishing one thing: an eighth ring.

While the press wonders when TB12 swaps his jersey for a microphone, Brady remains at the top of the game. Producing at 44 is a magic act; staying at the mountaintop at 44 is nothing short of miraculous.