Tom Brady on Retiring From the NFL: ‘I’m a Little Fearful of it Ending’

by Quentin Blount

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady recently sat down for an interview on Hodinkee Radio where he talks watches and just how much he has left in the tank.

Brady, of course, is a man that needs little introduction. But one thing that fans might not know about the seven-time Super Bowl champ and five-team Super Bowl MVP is that he is a serious watch collector. He even owns some stake in the wristwatch outlet, Hodinkee. So, naturally, Brady was all business when he joined up with Hodinkee Radio for a chat.

“I have a lot to give,” Brady said on Hodinkee Radio. “I think there’s a lot of time and energy still focused on being a great quarterback.”

Tom Brady just finished up an impressive run in his first season in Tampa Bay. He led the Buccaneers to their first Super Bowl title since 2002. And on a personal note, he walked away with his seventh Lombardi trophy. So, if he wasn’t already the greatest quarterback in NFL history, he definitely is now.

Incredibly, Brady will be 44 years old when the 2021 NFL regular season begins. And while he doesn’t like thinking about his glorious career coming to an end, he says that there are opportunities for him to help those who need it.

“When that’s done, although I’m a little fearful of it ending, I am open to the belief that there will be a lot of opportunities for me to do things that I haven’t had a chance to do,” he explains. “I really think I can help a lot of people.”

Tom Brady Wasn’t Born a Prodigy

There is no question that people look at Tom Brady a little different than most. What he has been able to accomplish as an NFL quarterback is unheard of and it’s hard to imagine someone becoming a more-winning quarterback than him. But Brady says that he was never a QB prodigy or anything like that. In fact, his success took a lot of hours of training, and “normal” moments that the everyday person can relate to.

“I wasn’t born a prodigy, like a two-year-old the world bestowed greatness on,” Brady added. “I had a process I went through and a lot of normal moments in my life to kind of create a baseline against. [There are] a lot of things that are relatable to a lot of people just based on my experience in my life. So I feel like I’m pretty grounded in that sense.”

But when it is all said and done, Tom Brady thinks that he can add even more Super Bowls to his resume.

“I think I’m just hanging on to those last moments where I still feel like I have the competitive desire to train hard and put my team in a position to succeed,” Brady told Hodinkee. “I took on a big challenge going to Tampa, I don’t think the final story has been written yet.”