Tom Brady Reveals His Hilarious Reaction to the Infamous 2012 ‘Butt Fumble’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

During a recent appearance on his podcast, Tampa Bay Buccaneers star quarterback Tom Brady shared his hilarious reaction to the now-infamous Mark Sanchez “Butt Fumble” from 2012. At the time, Brady still played for the New England Patriots and was on the sidelines as the Pats defense was on the field against the New York Jets. The 7-time Super Bowl winner didn’t see Sanchez’s fumble live. Yet when he saw the replay later on, he couldn’t help but laugh to himself like the rest of us.

It’s been 10 years since former Jets QB Mark Sanchez hiked the ball and tried to make something out of a broken play. What was supposed to be a running play ended up with Sanchez taking off up the middle and right into one of his offensive linemen.

Unfortunately for Sanchez, he ran directly into his teammate’s rear end and fumbled the ball. The Pats scooped up the football and ran in the fumble for a touchdown. Within less than 24 hours, the botched play was deemed the “Butt Fumble,” and it’s become arguably the most famous and most amusing fumble in NFL history.

Fast forward to this past weekend, and we now have the “Butt Punt” to thank for bringing the infamous fumble back into the spotlight. On Sunday, Dolphins punter Thomas Morstead had very little room to work with during one of his punts. Therefore he kicked the ball directly off his teammate’s rear end in a scene that brought back memories of Sanchez’s “Butt Fumble.”

The subject came up on Tom Brady’s Let’s Go! podcast this week as the quarterback shared his honest reaction to the infamous 2012 fumble.

Tom Brady Calls the ‘Butt Fumble’ the ‘Funniest Thing’ He’s Ever Seen in Sports

Tom Brady’s co-hosts asked the former New England Patriots QB about the Mark Sanchez play from the 2012 Thanksgiving Day game. Brady admitted he didn’t see it live during his podcast conversation. But he shared his reaction from his hotel later that same night.

“I was at that game and the best part about that was I didn’t see it live,” Tom Brady said on his podcast. “I really didn’t know what happened. And I got back to my hotel that night—I stayed in New York that night. It was a Thursday night game, and I got to see my son the next day who was living in New York at the time. And it was about 12 o’clock.”

“I got back to my hotel and I turned on one of the networks,” he continued. “They were replaying the game and I saw the butt fumble. And the first time I saw it I laughed out loud to myself in a room by myself for 20 seconds because I thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen in my life in sports. The fact that our team was the beneficiary of it, and I was on the sideline still makes it one of the funniest things I ever remember in sports. I don’t think yesterday topped it, but it was pretty funny.”

The “Butt Fumble” became an overnight sensation and has become synonymous with Mark Sanchez’s NFL career. To Sanchez’s credit, he’s been a good sport about the incident, which he proved once again this weekend.

“Woah… stay out of my lane bro,” Sanchez joked on Twitter after the “Butt Punt” went viral.