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Tom Brady Reveals ‘Motivational’ Text Messages From Son Ahead of MNF

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Sometimes, the best motivation doesn’t come from a coach or a teammate. In Tom Brady‘s case, it came in the form of a text message from his 12-year-old son, Ben, before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ game on Monday Night Football.

Brady revealed the text he received from his son before the Buccaneers took the field against the New Orleans Saints on Monday. The quarterback called it the “best motivation” before such a big game.

“I will be watching,” Ben wrote, per PEOPLE. “Say hi to me on camera.” Brady then responded by saying, “YES!!!”

Ben texted back, “Go and do what you do best. Kick some butt.”

It might’ve taken some time, but Brady did, in fact, kick some butt. It happened on the final two drives of the game, leading the Bucs back from a 16-3 deficit to defeat the Saints 17-16.

Brady connected with Rachaad White with three seconds left on a six-yard touchdown pass to win the game. The Bucs improved to 6-6 on the NFL season with the victory.

After the big win, Brady posted an image of Ben’s text messages with the caption, “”The best motivation any dad can have!! I love you Benny.”

Tom Brady Cusses Out Teammate on Sidelines

It wasn’t all sunshine and rose pedals for Tom Brady during Monday Night Football. It took quite some time for the Tampa Bay offense to get in gear against New Orleans.

At one point in the fourth quarter, Brady’s frustration became apparent. He ripped into a teammate while on the sidelines and trailing the Saints 13-3.

“What the f— is that?!” Brady appeared to yell during the game.

Whether or not Brady’s outburst is the spark the Bucs needed, we may never know. What we do know, though, is that Tampa Bay scored touchdowns on each of its next two possessions to win the game.

Coincidence? Probably not. Brady has been doing this a long time and knows exactly which buttons to press in order to get a win.