Tom Brady Rips NFL Over ‘Ridiculous’ Mike Evans Suspension

by Samantha Whidden

Following the now infamous brawl between Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Evans and New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore over the weekend, Tom Brady is making his thoughts on the situation well known. 

According to Fox News, Tom Brady became very vocal toward an NFL official about a missed completely to Scott Miller. But as Brady started to march onto the field, Lattimore allegedly gave him a gesture. Eventually, Leonard Fournette would appear along with Marcus Maye. Then things got really ugly when Evans was seen rushing over and knocking Lattimore to the ground. 

In response to the incident, the NFL decided to suspend Evans for one game. While Evans is reportedly planning to appeal the decision, Tom Brady was ready to share his thoughts about the league’s decision. 

“I love Mike,” Tom Brady stated during the latest episode of the “Let’s Go” podcast. “And the fact that Mike would come out there to defend me, it means everything in the world to me as a teammate and a friend. And Mike knows how I feel about him. So, in the end, emotions are a part of sports. Sometimes they boil over, and they obviously did yesterday.” 

Although he said it was an unfortunate circumstance, Tom Brady clearly stated that he didn’t think Evans deserved to be suspended. “I think that’s ridiculous. You know hopefully we can move past it, get to a better place. You know in the end, I appreciate Mike having my back. I know he’ll learn from it. And he knows that we all have his back.” 

Tom Brady Responds to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Criticism 

Along with discussing the situation on the field during the Bucs vs Saints game, Tom Brady also spoke about the remarks former NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has made about him over the past week.

During his appearance on Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take,” Fitzpatrick stated that Tom Brady ticks him off and the fellow quarterback had a “lack of respect” for him throughout his football career. Fitzpatrick further claimed that he was the “mother f—er” that Brady referred to in 2021. 

However, Tom Brady attempted to clear the air and said he has no ill will toward Fitzpatrick. He also doesn’t understand why Fitzpatrick would think that way. “I love Ran, but for some reason, he’s got it out for me,” Brady explained. “I actually talked to Ryan Griffin, who’s one of our quarterbacks, he said, ‘Ryan’s always all over you. I don’t know why.’ So I don’t know why Ryan is.”

Tom Brady further shared he thinks he and Fitzpatrick should have a talk. “Ryan’s a hell of a guy, too. And I’ve competed against him. I mean, he’s a Harvard guy. Now he looks like he’s part homeless. And now he’s on TV doing what my future job’s gonna be. So I think Ryan’s got a good thing going. I’m not sure why he needs to think that I’m after him or something like that.”