Tom Brady Rookie Card Sells for Whopping 2.25 Million, Quickly Beating Record Set in March

by Thad Mitchell

Only weeks after setting a record for the most expensive football trading card, another Tom Brady rookie card has sold for millions.

The signed Tom Brady rookie card collected 67 bids at a sports memorabilia auction and sold for $2,252,855 million. The opening bid on the autographed 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship Rookie card was $75,000. The previous record for the most expensive trading card was set in early March. That card is also a Tom Brady rookie card and it sold for $1.32 million. The record-shattering card was sold via the Lelands 2021 Spring Classic Auction. Lelands posted a photo of the record-setting card on social media earlier this weekend.

“$2,252,854 is now the most ever paid for a football card,” the social media post states. “Four decades of sports auctions and yet another world-record price in a Lelands Classic Auction. The tradition continues!”

The Instagram post concludes by providing a link for those interested in selling sports memorabilia in their next auction.

Tom Brady Rookie Card is ‘Holy Grail’ of Trading Cards

Sports memorabilia enthusiasts refer to the record-breaking card as the “holy grail” of Tom Brady rookie cards. The card depicts Brady in his New England Patriots uniform during his rookie season. It includes information about the rookie product out of the University of Michigan. There were only 100 versions of this card put into circulation, making it extremely rare, which gives it value. Typically the more rare a particular trading card is the more money it is likely to fetch in an auction. The Lelands Auction site says the card has switched owners before Friday’s auction, according to

“This card was purchased on eBay over a decade ago and has been tucked away in a private collection since then,” the site says of the details. The site also says sports trading cards have surged in popularity over the last year, sending many digging into their old card collections.

It comes as no surprise that the record-breaking card is that of current Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. He is arguably the most successful athlete of all time and is also coming off a Super Bowl win at the age of 43.

So if you have an old card collection, now would be a good time to reacquaint yourself with the practice of card collecting.