Tom Brady Sets Super Bowl LV Photos to Hilarious Music, Trolls Chiefs

by Quentin Blount

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cruised to the franchise’s second Super Bowl victory on Sunday night against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Tom Brady’s incredible Instagram recap of the Super Bowl included a rough moment for Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

In addition to it being the Bucs’ second Super Bowl win in franchise history, it was the seventh Super Bowl win for the 43-year-old Brady.

And on Monday, Brady was just chilling, killing some time on Instagram. However, he spent that time putting together an incredible montage of his latest Super Bowl win. And with each special moment, Brady places a song to go along with it.

Now, of course, Tom Brady more than likely isn’t the mastermind behind the actual video on Instagram. We have to imagine that someone on his team gets paid good money to put together highlights and compilations like this. But we can enjoy some of the highlights while imagining that Tom Brady is sitting there looking up photos and songs to post.

One Twitter user posted a video of the story and all its greatness. And one of those highlights was a painful moment for Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

She captions the video, “Tom Brady IG story and the songs playing plus the captions is hilarious.”

Take a look at the GOAT’s Instagram story for yourself below:

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski’s Incredible First Season in Tampa Bay

Tom Brady and Bucs tight end Rob Gronkowski are heading to Disney World as world champs once again. Brady, Gronkowski, and the rest of their Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates are certainly going to keep the party alive as long as they can.

As Brady is so used to doing, he set another record last night (Feb. 7). He and Gronk officially have officially connected for the most touchdowns between a quarterback and receiver in postseason history. Rob Gronkowski caught his thirteenth and fourteenth touchdowns during the game.

Tom Brady finished off a nearly perfect performance going 21-of-29 for 201 and three touchdowns and zero interceptions. Gronkowski had a career day of his own. He caught a team-high six catches for 67 yards and two touchdowns.

Gronkowski continues to add to his impressive career that will almost certainly earn him a trip to the Hall of Fame. And like Brady, it also means that he will go down as one of the best ever at his respective position.

Gronkowski has only ever played with Tom Brady under center. After the Super Bowl had ended, he spoke about the success of his only quarterback. During the interview, he said that Tom Brady getting a Super Bowl in Tampa Bay is “one of the greatest accomplishments in sports history.”