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Tom Brady Shakes Patrick Mahomes’ Hand After Snubbing Jared Goff Last Week, NFL Fans Sound Off

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Getting a Tom Brady handshake after a Bucs loss is a rare thing this season. So rare, in fact, that when it happens, fans take notice. Sports commentators and NFL fans alike have taken to Twitter to express their surprise at Brady’s post-game handshake after a 3-point loss to the Chiefs last night.

Tom Brady Rarely Shakes Hands After a Loss

Lately, Brady has been catching heat for heading straight to the locker room after losses. Of the Buccaneers’ five losses this season, Tom Brady only shook hands after two before last night. Both of those were with Saints’ QB Drew Brees.

These snubs have drawn criticism from both fans and commentators. Shannon Sharpe didn’t pull any punches Brady left the field immediately after a loss to the Rams.

Pre-Game Chatter

Twitter users were talking about the possibility of a Tom Brady handshake before the end of the game. The odds of a snub were good. Turns out, it would have been a good bet to make.

The reasoning behind those odds was solid, though. As some Twitter users highlighted.

Tom Brady Shocks Twitter With Mahomes Handshake

NFL fans took to Twitter to share their surprise after the Chiefs’ win over the Buccaneers. Brady jogged out onto the field to share a quick handshake and chest bump with Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes.

Some fans didn’t believe Tom Brady gave the handshake because he was feeling particularly sportsmanlike.

Some commentators were quick to react with a some sarcastic tweets.

A Winning Career

Tom Brady has more career wins than any other quarterback in NFL history. It could be that fans are taking more notice of his sportsmanship after a loss now because the losses are coming more frequently.