Tom Brady Speaks Out About the Colts’ Jeff Saturday Controversy

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Following the Indianapolis Colts’ decision to name Jeff Saturday their interim head coach to replace Frank Reich, Tom Brady had some thoughts about the new hire. During the latest episode of his Let’s Go podcast, Tom Brady stated that the move was unprecedented.

“Well, it was obviously unprecedented and to go from his role, what he was working on in media, to that in the middle of the season is something very unique,” he said. “And, obviously, Jim Irsay had a great relationship with him.”

Tom Brady also said that he felt that Saturday may come in and do some things that the team hasn’t been doing. “So it’s a long season and Jeff got the team, you know, found a way to win and they’re 1-0. And I think for all of us, not just for Jeff and the Colts, but for our team, the season is everything’s ahead of us and time will tell on all of what happens. So we have a very small sample size. It always feels good to win. It sucks when you lose. The success of a season is determined by what happens over the length of the season. So there’s still a lot more football to have happen.”

As previously reported, Jeff Saturday was appointed the interim head coach even though he has no coaching experience the NFL or even college level. However, Saturday and the Colts pulled off a 25-20 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders over the weekend. This ended the Colts’ three-game losing streak. 

Tom Brady Shares His Thoughts About Ever Coaching a Football Team

Meanwhile, legendary sportscaster Jim Gray asked Tom Brady if he could walk in and coach a football team tomorrow. Brady called the question interesting. “Obviously, I have a lot of experience playing, I have a lot of knowledge and there’s, I’d say, a lot of capabilities to doing that. But the desire to do something like that is totally different.”

Tom Brady then said that he enjoys his abilities as a player and he thinks he had so much intent and focus on being the best he could be as a player. “Being a good coach, you have to have a lot of similar traits to what you had as a player, which is preparation, discipline, leadership, work ethic. And if you can put all those things together, yeah, you can obviously be a good coach. And I think a lot of the great coaches in history have done that.”

Tom Brady went on to add that being a great coach is the desire to be a great coach. “You know, not whether a player can become a coach. I think having the knowledge to do football, but is this something that you’d want to do and enjoy in order to maximize and actualize your potential as a coach? Those are things for different people to answer.”