Tom Brady Speaks Out on Taking Shot at Tony Dungy: ‘It Was All in Good Fun’

by Jennifer Shea

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady had to explain his motives Wednesday after he got into a bit of a Twitter back-and-forth with former NFL head coach Tony Dungy.

Tom Brady Claps Back at Tony Dungy

In an interview, Dungy had ranked Brady as merely the sixth most difficult quarterback to face on the field. He put quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and John Elway ahead of Brady. 

In response, Brady tweeted a reminder that the Colts, a team Dungy had coached previously, lost to the New England Patriots during the 2014 season. That was the year the Patriots – Brady’s team at the time – defeated the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

“I was just having fun,” Brady said. “You know, I was only referring to him as the Indy head coach, not the Bucs’ head coach. So, it was nothing personal. Coach Dungy knows I love him. I was just giving him a little grief. He gave me a little grief, I give him a little grief. It was all in good fun.”

‘Those Mobile Quarterbacks’

By the time the Patriots beat the Colts in the 2014 season, Dungy was no longer the Colts’ head coach. It was in fact Chuck Pagano who was coaching the team at that point.

Dungy did make clear that he still considered Brady one of the greats. But he said the other quarterbacks move more, so Brady was less of a threat than them.

“Who gave me real problems? John Elway,” Dungy said. “You could do everything right, have the perfect defense, and going to move around, make something happen and kill you. He killed me enough to say he was difficult. Steve Young was the same way. Those mobile quarterbacks, that’s who I put ahead of Tom. Aaron Rodgers, John Elway, Steve Young, guys who could move. Not to say Tom wasn’t great, but that extra dimension meant something to me so that’s why I would only put him at six.”