Tom Brady Surpasses NFL Legend Jerry Rice in Scoring Most Fantasy Football Points

by Suzanne Halliburton

Tom Brady just seized another record for himself. He’s now the all-time Fantasy League scorer, snatching the record away from legendary receiver Jerry Rice.

In fact, Rice probably will drop to third overall sometime next Sunday. That’s when New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees should pass him.

According to ESPN, Brady has accumulated 5,164.4 PPR points. The record is for fantasy leagues that use the PPR scoring system — Points Per Reception. The other fantasy leagues use standard scoring that places more of an emphasis on touchdowns.

Rice, 58, scored 5,141.8 PPR points in his two decades in the NFL, playing for both San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, and Denver from 1985-2005.

How Did Tom Brady Do It?

The ageless Brady still is a scoring whiz. The 43-year-old is in his first season with Tampa Bay. He spent the first 20 seasons with New England, helping the Patriots win six Super Bowls. He made 14 Pro Bowls during his reign in New England.

Now with Tampa, he’s picked up three, 30-plus fantasy games this season. That includes his efforts Sunday in Tampa’s 46-23 romp over Carolina. He scored 31.84 fantasy points. His 16-yard pass to Antonio Brown in the second quarter gave him the lead over Rice.

Brees, who is 41, could’ve eased past Rice, too, Sunday. But he was knocked out of the Saints game because of a rib injury and did not play in the second half. Brees finished the game with just 6.94 points, giving him a career total of 5,141.34 points. That’s .5 shy of Rice.

Curious about the others on the fantasy league super scoreboard? Here are the rest of the top 10:

4,683.1 — Peyton Manning, QB, 1998-2016
4,389.2 — Brett Favre, QB, 1991-2010
3,864.3 — Larry Fitzgerald, WR, 2004-present
3,831.0 — Aaron Rodgers, QB, 2005-present
3,698.4 — Philip Rivers, QB, 2004-present
3,681.1 — Ben Roethlisberger, QB, 2004-present
3,671.7 — Emmitt Smith, RB, 1990-2005