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Tom Brady Thanks Wife Gisele For ‘Always Supporting’ His Dreams in Romantic Post

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Tom Brady is ringing in the new year with gratitude. In a recent Instagram post, he took time to thank his wife for always being there for him and supporting his dreams. Specifically, Brady thanked Gisele for her “love and positive energy in always supporting [his] dreams.”

Brady went on to say that his wife is his “Numero Uno” before wishing her a happy new year.

In the photo, the happy couple shares a kiss against a gorgeous oceanside sunset. You can almost feel the love and positive energy between them through the screen. They are heading into their twelfth year of marriage and still look as happy together as ever. It looks like Tom Brady finds success in both love and football.

Tom Brady Weathers Issues

While supporting the dreams of someone with a record as impressive as Tom Brady’s seems like it would be an easy feat, that has not always been the case. According to one article from a Chicago NBC affiliate, their relationship got off to a surreal start. Shortly after he and Gisele got together, he found out that his ex was pregnant with his first son. Their relationship was tested from its earliest days.

Later, troubles arose due to Brady’s laser-focus on his career. He wasn’t putting enough work into his home life. Tom Brady would play football all season while she took care of the house, which was fine. However, when the season ended, he wasn’t taking over at home. Instead, he would dive into his other business ventures and off-season training. He was throwing himself completely into his career which didn’t leave much of him for his wife or kids. At that point, Gisele wrote to him what he calls a “very thought-out” letter about their marriage. He keeps that letter as a reminder that things change over time.

From all appearances, it would seem that Tom Brady found the balance that allows him to be successful on the field and happy at home. The couple and their children seem happy and Brady’s stats have improved over recent years since moving to the Tamps Bay Buccaneers.

In the post, he says he wants to make 2021 the best year yet. That might be the most challenging thing this couple has ever embarked upon.