Tom Brady Turns on His Laser Eyes in Profile Pic After Addressing Bitcoin ‘Rumors’

by Evan Reier

Tom Brady is all about the gains, and if being committed to the crypto grind requires laser eyes, then he’s happy to turn them on.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and seven-time Super Bowl champ dips his toes in many waters. Besides being the most-accomplished quarterback in NFL history, he also has the TB12 brand and a variety of endeavors.

After all, any good portfolio isn’t focused on one stream of income. And in 2021, if you’re diversifying your money, then Bitcoin is a wildly popular option.

Which Tom Brady addressed on Monday, May 10. Jason Yanowitz is a co-founder of Blockworks, a media brand focused on finances and digital assets. Yanowitz tweeted at Tom Brady on May 9.

“Rumor has it @TomBrady is loading up on Bitcoin,” Yanowitz wrote. “Retweet if you think the GOAT should turn on laser eyes. Let’s make it happen.”

Sure enough, about five hours later, Brady had an answer: “Hmmmm should I change it??”

Then, the NFL legend followed up. Behold, Tom Brady with laser eyes.

It’s safe to say that Brady is laser-focused when it comes to Twitter and potentially Bitcoin. While the quarterback didn’t overtly say he is in fact loading up on Bitcoin, it doesn’t really make sense for him to change his profile picture otherwise.

Why is Tom Brady Loading Up on Bitcoin?

I’m not a cryptocurrency expert, but it’s not hard to figure out why Tom Brady might be deep in Bitcoin.

For one, at this time one year ago, a singular Bitcoin’s value was sitting at around $8,500, according to ycharts. At the time of writing, it sits just short of $59,000. Cryptocurrencies are famously volatile in their valuation, but the increase in that time span is 575.4% in value.

This is not to mention that more and more NFL stars are showing belief in cryptocurrency. For example, star offensive lineman and current free agent got half of his 2020 salary paid in Bitcoin. An estimated $6,500,000 per Spotrac, that money has now doubled in value based on the December valuations of Bitcoin compared to today.

Further, the No. 1 pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, Trevor Lawrence, signed a high-profile deal with Blockfolio to get paid in cryptocurrency.

Whether or not it proves to be a long-term success for any athlete remains to be seen, but Russell Okung says the Brady tweet is opening the floodgates.

Looks like @TomBrady is the tipping point. So many athletes are hitting me about Bitcoin and crypto, I’m doing calls everyday. I love it but I need to find a better way to automate.”