Tom Brady Watches NBA Star Anthony Edwards’ Football Workout Clip, Says He’s ‘Playing the Wrong Sport’

by Patrick Norton

Two seasons have passed since the Minnesota Timberwolves selected Anthony Edwards with the first pick of the 2020 NBA Draft. A homegrown talent of the Georgia Bulldogs, Edwards immediately made his presence known in Minnesota, finishing second in NBA Rookie of the Year voting last season.

This year, Edwards and the Timberwolves took down a banged-up Los Angeles Clippers squad in a qualifying play-in game before dropping a hotly-contested series in the first round of the playoffs to the Memphis Grizzlies. Averaging 25.2 points per playoff game, Edwards catapulted toward the top of respected young players across the league.

But for Anthony Edwards, his talent transcends his sport. This week, future NFL Hall of Fame QB Tom Brady took notice of a viral video showcasing the 20-year-old’s arm strength:

A ringing endorsement from the greatest to ever play the game is quite the morale booster. Edwards takes a casual three-step drop, identifies the pass rush and launches a strike to his target downfield. The distance and power of the throw beats the physical ability of Brady’s last couple of seasons in the league. However, the 44-year-old boasts seven Lombardi Trophies to Edwards’ zero Larry O’Briens.

For Edwards, It’s Nice to Have Options

While the G.O.A.T. tries to poach Ant-Man from the Timberwolves, it might pose as a nice escape plan should Edwards’ newest teammate take exception to past comments.

News broke on Friday afternoon of a blockbuster NBA deal hitting the wire. Minnesota acquired center Rudy Gobert, returning an obscene amount of first-round picks to the Utah Jazz. Including this year’s first-round selection, the swap contains three years of unprotected picks and a fourth protected first.

Gobert’s claim to fame among the NBA elite bigs is his defensive prowess. However, after suffering a loss to Gobert’s Jazz, Edwards took to the offensive, asserting a bold claim about the big man’s game:

Considering the fragility of NBA locker room chemistry, hopefully both men see it as something said as opponents and move forward as teammates with a fresh start.