Tom Brady’s Father Was Hospitalized in 2020, ‘A Matter of Life and Death’

by Josh Lanier

Tom Brady‘s father spent nearly three weeks in the hospital at the beginning of the NFL season with COVID-19. Brady’s mother was also sick with the coronavirus at the same time, Tom Brady Sr. told ESPN’s “Greeny” radio show.

The Buccaneers quarterback didn’t reveal his parents’ diagnosis at the time. But it may actually explain why he struggled early on this season, TMZ Sports revealed.

“We’ve never missed a game [when Tom was playing] at Michigan or New England or wherever,” Brady Sr. told the website. “[But] for the first 2 games [of the 2020 NFL season] when I was in the hospital, I didn’t even care if [The Bucs] were playing much less missing the game.”

Brady threw two picks in Tampa Bay’s 34-22 loss to the Saints in Week 1.

“Now it’s in the rear view mirror,” Brady Sr. said. “We’re healthy, we’re happy and everything is good.”

He added that so many Americans have been hurt by COVID-19. They feel lucky that there story had a happy ending.

“We’re just representing the 25 million Americans who have had it so far this year,” he told TMZ Sports. “So, it’s nothing to shake a stick at.”

The family remains incredibly close. Brady tries to FaceTime his parents to and from practice every day, Brady Sr. said.

Tom Brady Connects with Son After Win in Green Bay

Tom Brady is a fairly private person, but he clearly is close with his family. After the Buccaneers beat the Packers on Sunday, fans were treated to a special moment between Brady and his 13-year-old son.

As his team celebrated their win in Green Bay, cameras caught the quarterback heading towards the railing that separates players from fans. Brady asks the security if he can say hey to his 13-year-old son, Jack. That’s not a request anyone is going to deny arguably the greatest QB of all time.

His son runs down the steps as Brady jumps up on the railing. The father and son give each other a big hug as Jack congratulates his famous dad. “Love you kiddo,” Brady says to Jack in the heartfelt moment.

It’s a heartfelt moment you rarely get to see from athletes. Brady has had a lot of them lately however.

Brady threw a touchdown pass to Drew Brees’ son after the Buccaneers win over the Saints in the first week of the playoffs.