WATCH: Tom Brady’s Holed Golf Shot Captured Perfectly with Drone Footage

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Tom Brady being good at everything is just flat-out unfair.

The NFL legend hit the golf course for a tune-up in preparation for his appearance in next week’s The Match, and his crew took a drone along to capture some footage. What happened next was just unreal.

First of all, what a pure swing from the 8.1 handicap golfer. Second of all, what a fantastic job by Ari Faraooy of Shadow Lion creative agency to get the perfect shot and reaction from Brady’s crew.

The “tee box” set up in the middle of the fairway means this was not an actual hole-in-one, but that does not make it any less impressive. Holing any shot with a club other than a putter in your hand is one of the most thrilling feelings in golf.

Brady Looks for First Win in Head-to-Head Event

On Wednesday, June 1, the G.O.A.T. will play in The Match for the third time, having lost twice in his previous two tries with partner Phil Mickelson. The duo fell to Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers last year, and before that to Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods in 2020.

Brady’s partner next week will be Rodgers, who is believed to have a 4.6 handicap. The NFL veteran duo will take on young quarterbacks Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. The Kansas City Chiefs star – who is a 7.7 handicap himself – quote tweeted Brady with some props, as well as some smack talk.

Meanwhile, in an interview on Tuesday, the 9.0 handicap Allen admitted “I’d be lying if I wasn’t nervous” for the upcoming face-off. Just as he has had on the football field for more than two decades, Brady might already have a mental advantage over his opponent.

The event – sponsored by Capital One – will air live on TNT at 5:30 p.m. CT.