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Tom Brady Wants To Donate Bitcoin To Charity for Fan Who Bought ‘Last’ Touchdown Ball

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Outsiders — Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is looking out for the fan who recently bought his last touchdown ball.

Tom Brady turned the sports world upside down last Sunday when he announced that he was going to unretire and return to the NFL. That’s right, folks. The GOAT is coming back to Tampa Bay for his 23rd season in the National Football League. However, in making his announcement, he had a pretty big impact on one unlucky fan’s wallet. It looks like he’s now trying to remedy the situation himself.

Remember Brady’s final touchdown pass from the 2021 NFL season? The seven-time Super Bowl champ found Bucs wide receiver, Mike Evans, deep down the field for a 55-yard score. That big play happened late in the Divisional Round Playoff game against the Los Angeles Rams. Evans was able to beat Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey and Brady put the ball right on him. Evans then made his way to the end zone and casually flipped the ball up into the stands to a fan.

Well, after Brady initially retired, that fan quickly realized they were in possession of Brady’s final touchdown pass. As you can probably imagine, sports memorabilia collectors will pay a very high price for items like that, especially for a player like Tom Brady who is arguably the best quarterback in NFL history. As a result, this particular fan was able to capitalize on the moment and sold the prized ball for more than $518,000. The ball sold just hours before Brady unretired and announced he was coming back.

Talk about a tough pill to swallow. Whoever bought Brady’s last touchdown pass is out a lot of money. But the GOAT himself is searching for the buyer and is willing to donate a Bitcoin to that person’s favorite charity.

“Hey @ftx_official …could we donate a Bitcoin to the charity of this person’s choice?!” Brady wrote on Instagram.

Tom Brady Wants to Donate a Bitcoin to Buyer of His Last Touchdown Ball

You may be wondering why Tom Brady would donate a Bitcoin to the buyer’s favorite charity instead of just donating it to them. Well, it turns out that’s just one of Bitcoin’s policies. As it currently stands, one Bitcoin is worth approximately $41,785. Sure, it’s not $500,000, but at least it’s something. So, Outsiders, if you know who the winning bidder of Brady’s last touchdown ball is, make sure to let them know that he’s looking for them.

Speaking of which, it seems as though Brady is making a habit out of gifting cryptocurrency. If you recall, back in October of 2021, he also gifted a Bitcoin to the fan who got his 600th touchdown ball.