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Tom Brady’s TD Pass to Drew Brees’ Son in Moving Postgame Moment Goes Viral

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Elsa/Getty Images

Drew Brees’ son is going to have a pretty memorable moment when he thinks back on the time he was catching passes from Tom Brady in the end zone.

The Saints lost to the Buccaneers on Sunday with a final score of 30-20. That didn’t stop young Brees from catching some successful passes after the game.

Tom Brady and Drew Brees were chatting in the middle of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome after the game. Meanwhile, Brees’ kids run and play around the field.

In a touching moment, Brady passes Brees’ son a pass. The moment between the two quarterbacks is going viral for its awesome display of sportsmanship and respect. The two have always shared a mutual respect for each other as great players in the game.

Touching Moment After Loss

Right after the game when the teams went to exchange handshakes, Brady and Brees shared an intimate moment.

Instead of snubbing him the handshake (like he did with Nick Foles and Jared Goff), he instead gave Brees a big hug at midfield.

While hugging, Brady was heard saying, “Love you, man.”

Many are taking this exchange and Brees’ fleeting last look at the field before walking out as a sign of his possible retirement.

Future of Drew Brees

The game against the Buccaneers in the playoffs may be Brees’ last game ever. The quarterback announced that he was going to take time to think about what his next move was going to be.

This means, this could be his very last game in the NFL.

According to ESPN, the Saints will be facing a salary-cap crunch. This is because they have several free agents to possibly re-sign. In addition, Brees threw three interceptions in the game against the Buccaneers. Will the Saint want to resign him?

However, many analysts and reporters talk highly of Brees’ season and even a longer future in the NFL if he wants it.

“He was the greatest free-agent signing in NFL history. I started covering the Saints before Brees arrived — when the team was 3-13 and the city had been devastated by Hurricane Katrina. He immediately helped revive both, and 15 years later, he and Sean Payton have forever changed the image of Saints football,” Mike Triplett, Saints reporter said.

Other commend his ball placement, timing, rhythm, leadership, and even his attitude on the field.

The quarterback had gone through his share of hardships during his career. He was almost signed by the Miami Dolphins but instead signed with New Orleans since his physical failed with Miami.

He also injured his rotator cuff and dislocated his throwing shoulder. Medical professionals thought this was it in 2005 for Brees. Now his future in football is followed by a huge question mark.

For the Buccaneers, there’s no question that they will face-off against the Green Bay Packers this Sunday to continue their run in the playoffs.