Tommy Pham Jokingly Blames Mike Trout for His Altercation with Joc Pederson Over Fantasy Football

by Bryan Fyalkowski

The fantasy football league composed of MLB players is the gift that keeps on giving. According to Tommy Pham, Joc Pederson “gave out half the story” of how Pham came to “Will Smith-style” slap Pederson last week.

In his first media appearance since returning from his three-game suspension, Pham said that the league’s commissioner – Mike Trout, who is arguably the best player in the sport – “did a terrible job … because he allowed a lot of s— to go on and he could have solved it all.”

But note that Pham did get after Trout with a grin, seemingly joking around.

He added, “Nobody wanted to be commissioner, I didn’t want to be the f—–g commissioner. I’ve got other s— to do. He didn’t want to do it; we put it on him. It was kind of our fault too, because we made him commissioner.”

The entire ordeal started because Pham was mad at Pederson for potentially constructing his fantasy football roster illegally. Pederson put a player on injured reserve when he was listed as out and added another player. It was then that Pham accused him of “cheating” in the group text because he was “stashing players” on his bench.

Pederson sent a screenshot of the league rules showing that was a legal move, and then looked at Pham’s roster and saw the exact same situation – a player listed as out on the injured reserve.

But that was not all. Pham was interviewed last week and commented that Pederson said “disrespectful s—“ about his former team – the San Diego Padres – and “f—-d” with his money.

Additional Details on the $10,000 League

On Tuesday, Pham went into detail about what he meant by those comments. Pederson had previously shown media one .gif he sent to the group making fun of the Padres; Pham said Pederson only “gave out half the story” and it was more like “four or five” separate jokes.

“There was more than one, and I got screenshots to prove it,” Pham said. “He sent more than a few texts or jokes aimed at me or the Padres. [The one he showed] was only one.”

Other managers in the 12-team league reportedly include MLB players Eric Hosmer and Manny Machado of the Padres, as well as Mike Moustakas of the Reds. The initial buy-in was $10,000 and the last-place finisher had to pay another $10,000.

Pham was so upset about Pederson’s antics that he quit in the middle of the season while in second place. Pham then stated in the group text that the next time he saw Pederson in person, he would give him a “pimp slap.”

I guess he is a man of his word.