Tony Gonzalez Calls Commanders and Bears ‘JV Teams’ During Amazon TNF Pregame Show

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Tonight is another Thursday Night Football game that NFL fans aren’t looking forward to. Tony Gonzalez didn’t hold back in the pregame show, either. Of course, the Amazon panel is filled with former players. Gonzalez, Richard Sherman, Andrew Whitworth, and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

For Tony Gonzalez, tonight is not a game he is looking forward to. We had a horrible TNF game on Amazon just last week. Broncos-Colts will go down as perhaps the worst prime-time game of the season. The former tight end doesn’t have high hopes for tonight, either.

Some fans caught onto this little comment that he made.

The thing is, not a lot of people disagreed with Tony Gonzalez. Fans online were more than happy to pile in on the two teams.

Tony Gonzalez Roasts Commanders, Bears

If this was just about one team in particular you can almost forgive that. If this was just a comment about the Colts or Broncos from last week, we might let it pass without batting an eye. For these two teams, there was hope they wouldn’t be in that group. At least they have tonight to prove otherwise.

Meanwhile, fans are just bracing themselves for what is to come. Thursday Night Football used to be fun… remember when it was fun? Let’s just hope we actually see a touchdown in this game, unlike last week in Denver. That’s the least we could ask for, right?

These two teams might have losing records, but that doesn’t mean they can’t win a game tonight. It’s the NFL, that’s what they are supposed to do!

Now, I know I said a lot of folks took this in stride and even agreed. But that won’t stop some people from getting a little upset. You gotta stand up for your teams! With this being the newest broadcast team in the NFL, this was a bit of a layup.

Tony Gonzalez and his gloves gotta watch what they say, you know?

While we wait for this game to get underway, let’s hope that these sentiments don’t com true. This could be a good game! At least, that is what I’m going to tell myself until proven otherwise.