Tony Romo Had Interesting Message for Joe Buck After Signing Mega-Deal with ESPN

by Dustin Schutte

Tony Romo might still be waiting on that gift basket from Joe Buck. The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current NFL commentator believes he deserves at least some credit for the legendary play-by-play broadcaster landing a massive deal with ESPN.

After spending two decades at FOX, Buck signed a big deal with ESPN to broadcast Monday Night Football. He’s receiving a reported $75 million while his partner, Troy Aikman, will rake in $90 million.

Joining The Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast, Buck said he had an exchange with Romo. Clearly, the former NFL star believes he deserves a “Thank you.”

“All I know is I saw Romo at the Tahoe golf tournament. I’m eating dinner with the guy that I brought there to caddie,” Buck said on the podcast. “(Romo) walks by and all he says is, ‘You’re welcome,’ and then he kept walking.”

When Romo inked a deal with CBS for $17 million a few years ago, the money in broadcasting started to change. Some of the best in the field are raking in major paydays now.

Romo just wants a little recognition for changing the game. That’s all.

Joe Buck, Troy Aikman Leave FOX for ESPN

After working together at FOX for 20 years, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman accepted an opportunity to join ESPN’s team. Aikman was the first to depart, followed by Buck.

It was a move Buck didn’t expect from his longtime broadcast partner.

“Honest to God, I never saw it coming,” Buck said on Steve Bennett’s The Sports-Casters podcast. “It is true that all year long, I thought that at worst, Troy was going to do the Thursday nights on Amazon and then do the doubleheader game.”

Though it won’t be on FOX, Buck and Aikman will share a broadcast booth together again. It should make the transition to ESPN and Monday Night Football much smoother for both,