Tony Romo Thinks New York Jets’ Zach Wilson is the Next Legendary Quarterback Like Dan Marino: ‘I Think He is Super Rare’

by Quentin Blount

Just how good can New York Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson be? If you ask Tony Romo, he will tell you that the sky is the limit.

Romo knows a thing or two about playing quarterback in the National Football League. As a matter of fact, he played 14 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys and was a four-time Pro Bowler. Romo sat down before a golf outing at the Riverside Country Club on Thursday to talk about how special Wilson can be.

“I think you guys don’t quite know how good this kid is,” Romo begins. “I think he is super rare.”

For those who don’t know, Wilson was drafted number two overall by the New York Jets. That was after an impressive junior year in which he led BYU to an 11-1 record and shot up draft boards. As for Romo, he is now one of the highest-paid analysts in the sport. He works alongside Jim Nantz in the booth for CBS calling NFL games. And Romo thinks that Zach Wilson has an extremely high trajectory.

“I think he is like a young Dan Marino,” he says. “And for people a little bit older who saw it, Marino when he came out, people forget that Marino was the guy in the 80s. And then it morphed into Montana and all the Super Bowls and stuff.”

Yep — Tony Romo is comparing the rookie Zach Wilson to one of the best quarterbacks ever in Dan Marino. You can watch the entire interview down below.

Tony Romo Says Zach Wilson Could Be the Next Patrick Mahomes

If you are an NFL fan, then you know there are different kinds of quarterbacks. There are some who have crazy arm talent, some who are great runners, and some who are extremely smart and methodical. However, Tony Romo thinks that Zach Wilson falls into the first category.

“You know how Rodgers has all the talent and stuff, and Brady, he’s like Montana? And then Elway came out. I just think that Zach has rare ability,” he continues. “Literally I’ve only watched him in his first preseason game and maybe like four other plays,” he admits. “But I can see certain things. And he has a couple of special traits that God doesn’t give those traits to many people.”

Do you know how Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs have taken the world by storm in the last couple of years? Romo thinks that Wilson has that kind of talent to finally make the New York Jets contenders.

“Without knowing him, I think he’s a hard worker and cares and loves the sport. The ceiling is crazy high for this kid. I mean, Patrick Mahomes crazy levels, which is saying a lot.”