Top NBA Draft Pick Anthony Edwards Insists He Can Play Any Sport in Hilarious Interview

by Charles Craighill

The number one pick of the 2020 NBA draft, Anthony Edwards, is starting to show his personality. In a recent video interview, he showed his comedic side with his hilarious boasts about playing any sport.

Edwards did not lack any confidence in his assertions of being the best player on his team. On any team that is, for any sport he ever felt like trying his hand in.

“Now we talkin’,” he said in response to being asked about his baseball skills. “I hit fourth or fifth, you know what that means… straight clean up on aisle three, come get it.”

Anthony Edwards expanded on his own athleticism, listing the sports he could play. “Tennis, swimming, lacrosse– whatever you need me to do I’m gonna go do it. If there’s some money on the line, I’m gonna go do it,” he repeated.

Outgoing personalities with comedic confidence, like Edwards, really thrive in the league right now. From the Joel Embids to the James Hardens, the National Basketball League feeds off of eccentric personalities. Seems the league has found another.

With the raw talent he brings paired with the entertaining persona that he carries, you can get used to seeing Anthony Edwards on your screen for years to come.

Where Did Anthony Edwards Come From?

When Anthony Edwards said he was “A1 from day one,” he really was not kidding. At the age of ten, Edwards became one of the best Pop Warner running back in the country. By his Freshman year of high school, he switched his focus over to basketball. He enjoyed playing every sport, but basketball became his main focus.

He attended high school in Atlanta, Georgia his hometown. However, Edwards did not have the most traditional route through High School. Many scouts already considered him a top recruit due to his AAU performance, but he needed to see an academic improvement. As a result, he reclassed from the class of 2019 to the class of 2020 after a move to Holy Spirit Prep School. However, Edwards ended up graduating in the class of 2019 and committing to the University of Georgia just down the road in Athens.

In his one year at the University of Georgia, Anthony Edwards became the most exciting player in college basketball. After just one season with the Bulldogs, experts expected Edwards to go number one overall in the 2020 NBA Draft. Those experts guessed correctly as the Minnesota Timberwolves drafted Edwards with the very first pick of the 2020 NBA Draft.