Tour de France Cyclist Daniel Oss Breaks Neck in High-Speed Collision With Oblivious Fan

by Dustin Schutte

Cycling events can be some of the most dangerous in sports. The slightest mistake can result in a serious crash. Italian cyclist Daniel Oss unfortunately found that out the hard way during this year’s Tour de France.

Oss collided with a spectator during Stage 5 of this year’s Tour de France. The fan stepped too far into the cobblestone path and Oss was unable to steer his bike away in time to avoid a violent crash. The 35-year-old cyclist flew off his bike and reportedly suffered a fractured bone in his neck.

A video captured the wreck during the fifth stage of the event:

Here’s the craziest part: Oss actually recovered from the collision and fought through the injury to complete the stage. After crossing the finish line, though, he underwent medical examination. When Oss discovered he endured a broken neck, he withdrew from the event.

Oss’s team at TotalEnergies released a statement regarding his injury.

“Additional examinations revealed a fracture of a cervical vertebra requiring immobilization for a few weeks,” the tweet said. “Daniel Oss is therefore forced to leave the Tour de France. … The whole team wishes you a good recovery Daniel.”

This Isn’t the Tour de France’s First Issue With Fans

Daniel Oss’s injury is just the latest in a sport that sees too many issues with fans getting too close to athletes. In last year’s Tour de France, a woman with a cardboard sign stepped in front of a group of cyclists, causing a massive crash.

The woman held up a sign for television cameras to see in the middle of the race. The obstruction crept into the riders’ path, causing a massive pile-up during last year’s event.

Four days after causing the crash, the woman turned herself in to authorities. A court in France levied a 1200-euro fine on the woman for her involvement in the massive pile-up, according to

The incidents with Oss in 2022 and the massive crash in 2021 should remind fans and spectators to stay out of the way of cyclists during the Tour de France and other events. It could result in serious injury if not.