Tracy Morgan Has NFL Monday Night Football Fans Divided With Appearance on the ManningCast

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images)

If you are a fan that likes the ManningCast version of NFL MNF, you aren’t alone. Tracy Morgan had fans divided with his appearance on the show. There are some great guests sometimes with the Manning brothers. Did this comedian do enough to impress fans?

Tracy Morgan was his usual hilarious self. Being very sporadic, at times loud, and his thoughts seemingly rolling in and out of his mind from time to time. Personally, I loved it! You have these two straight-laced guys like Peytona and Eli Manning who are zeroed in on this game – then you have Morgan the fan and funny guy.

This topic definitely divided the fans out there.

Tracy Morgan Makes Fans Laugh, Frustrates Others

After having Jimmy Johnson and Pat McAfee on the show earlier, Tracy Morgan was definitely a different experience. We got away from the football talk and the minute details and got more of a fan perspective. Like if you interviewed your best friend during the third quarter of the game, three beers in.

If you ask Mark here, the show should now be the ManningCast Featuring Tracy Morgan. That wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Every show needs some comic relief, right?

For other fans, it just wasn’t what they were expecting or what they wanted to see. That’s alright. Not every guest is going to resonate or entertain every viewer out there. Trust me, people said a lot worse about the appearance.

Other fans just found joy and comedy in the whole segment itself. While there were some awkward moments on Monday Night Football, at least this one was entertaining. Tracy Morgan is who he is and people love him or don’t.

One thing you can say about it is the game got more interesting with Tracy Morgan on the screen. Not only did he react to plays in the most ridiculous manner possible, but the first touchdown of the game was also scored! Saquon Barkley broke a big run for six points and it got the Giants fans, Tracy and Eli, hyped up.

Peyton thanked him for bringing some offense to the game before the comedian left the show.