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WATCH: Trent Dilfer Caught Awkwardly Showing Off Super Bowl Ring to UAB Cheerleader

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images)

Give Trent Dilfer a chance and he’s going to show off his Super Bowl ring. We’re not even sure if you have to ask based on what we witnessed during Friday’s Bahamas Bowl between UAB and Miami (OH).

At one point during the game, cameras panned over to Dilfer — in attendance after being named the next head coach at UAB — who showed off his Super Bowl jewelry to a cheerleader. The two then posed for a picture.

That all sounds pretty harmless … and maybe it was. But it looked like a pretty awkward encounter. Below is the video, so we’ll let you judge for yourself:

Dilfer won the Super Bowl ring as a member of the Baltimore Ravens in 2000, defeating the New York Giants 34-7. Not to take too much away from Dilfer, but the defense did do most of the work that season.

At least he’s got one, right?

UAB named Dilfer the next head coach of the program despite not having any college or professional experience. It should be an interesting experiment for the Blazers.

Social Media Sounds Off on Trent Dilfer’s Awkward Encounter

After cameras picked up Trent Dilfer “casually” showing off his Super Bowl ring, plenty of college football and NFL fans had some thoughts. They were sure to voice those on Twitter, too.

“That hand movement is very unsettling,” one Twitter user wrote. Another added, “That’s so creepy.”

Another user on social media wrote, “Trent Dilfer … what are you up to?”

Fortunately for Dilfer, most people moved on from his awkward encounter on Friday. UAB defeated Miami 24-20 in the Bahamas Bowl, scoring a go-ahead touchdown with 1:33 left in the contest. It was a great way to start the college football postseason.

Well, maybe for everyone but Dilfer. He’s probably had smoother moments.