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Trevor Lawrence Used to Play as Tim Tebow in NCAA Football When He ‘Started to Get Into’ Football

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Logan Bowles/NFL via Getty Images)

During a recent interview, Jacksonville Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence opened up about playing as his new teammate Tim Tebow when he was at Florida in the NCAA Football video games.

There hasn’t been a college football video game available since EA Sports stopped making them in 2014. Former college athletes sued the video game company for using players’ likeness without compensation. However, while at the University of Florida from 2006 to 2010, fans could actually play as No. 15 Tim Tebow. In fact, the former quarterback was even on the front cover of NCAA Football 2011.

Around that time, Trevor Lawrence was a pre-teen growing up in Cartersville, Georgia. Like many kids, Lawrence enjoyed sports and video games. As he started to get into football, it was only natural for him to gravitate towards NCAA Football. Although the 21-year-old couldn’t have known it more than a decade ago, he’d one day end up as Tebow’s teammate.

“That was really when I started to get into watching football and college football, right when Tim Tebow was in his heyday at Florida. I played with him on all the NCAA games,” Trevor Lawrence revealed while speaking with Yahoo! Sports.

Trevor Lawrence Impressed With Tebow as a Player and Person

Tim Tebow and Trevor Lawrence are two of the most accomplished quarterbacks in college football history. Yet shockingly the former Clemson Tigers signal caller never met Tebow until recently. In fact, the star college QBs didn’t meet until the Jaguars selected Lawrence first overall in the 2021 NFL Draft and signed Tebow to play tight end.

“That was cool for me to get to meet him. You would have thought that our paths would have crossed at some point, but they just hadn’t. I just found that interesting,” Trevor Lawrence said of finally meeting Tebow.

Many fans and analysts have questioned Jacksonville for signing the 33-year-old former quarterback. It’s been years since he’s played in the NFL, and Tebow has never featured at the tight end position. Additionally, he’s been focused on a professional baseball career for the last five years before retiring in February. However, Lawrence has nothing but positive things to say about Tebow as a teammate so far.

“The first thing that jumped out to me was the person,” Trevor Lawrence explained. “Just his character. What he brings to the locker room. A guy you want to be around. He just does things right. I think coach Meyer and the staff knew that bringing him on.”

When head coach Urban Meyer agreed to take over the Jacksonville Jaguars, rumors swirled about a reunion with his former quarterback. Tebow and Meyer won two championships together while at Florida and still share a close bond with one another. Eventually the rumors became reality though when Tebow signed to play for the Jaguars a few weeks ago. Lawrence has been impressed with Tebow’s famous work ethic and said “he’s doing great.”

“He’s been awesome so far. Just a hard worker. And he’s in great shape,” Lawrence continued. “It’s been cool to see, and obviously, it’s still really early and he’s still learning and just coming in a couple days later than some other guys for the install. So he’s just getting his feet wet. But man, he’s doing great.”