Troy Aikman Responds After Backlash to His ‘Take the Dresses Off’ Comment on Monday Night Football

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Troy Aikman is walking back the comments he made during Monday Night Football this week after facing serious backlash on social media. The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback referred to his comments as “dumb” during a Thursday radio interview.

Aikman was particularly upset over a weak roughing-the-passer call when the Kansas City Chiefs recorded a sack against Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. After the play, the ESPN analyst made a controversial remark.

“My hope is the competition committee looks at this at the next set of meetings,” he said. “And we take the dresses off.”

That comment drew plenty of ire on social media. After facing the backlash, Aikman said the words should’ve never been uttered from his mouth.

“Yeah, I mean, my comments were dumb. Just shouldn’t have made them, just dumb remarks on my part,” he told Sports Radio 96.7 FM in Dallas.

Aikman also clarified his comments regarding the league’s emphasis on protecting the quarterback. Many thought the Cowboys legend was ranting against the NFL’s rules towards the position.

“What I said was that it implied that I’m not in favor of protecting the quarterbacks, which could not be further from the truth,” Aikam clarified.”I’m totally in favor of the protection that the quarterbacks are afforded, and all players for that matter. But there’s no question there has been over-enforcement of the protection for quarterbacks.”

Eli Manning Weighs in on NFL’s QB Rules

While Troy Aikman might have some mixed feelings on the NFL’s rules towards protecting the quarterback, another former superstar fully supports the league

Eli Manning recently told Yahoo Sports that he believes the NFL is taking the right approach. Protecting the game’s most important position is critical.

“I think the NFL’s on the right path, and they want to make the game safer, and they want to protect the quarterbacks,” he said. “As a quarterback, I love the idea. Even coaches, I think they agree we gotta protect these quarterbacks. It’s such an important position, and we don’t have another guy that’s gonna step in and be as productive as your starting quarterback in most cases.”

The one thing Manning would change? Make roughing-the-passer calls reviewable. He argues that plays like that can be too important, especially in the instances of turnovers.

“I think it’s pretty obvious when you drive a guy into the ground as opposed to tackling him. Maybe you could bring instant replay into these calls,” he said. “Just because they are such important calls and difference makers.”