Tulane Unveils Spectacular New Helmets Taking Jab at the SEC with Conference Championship Sticker

by Chris Haney

Plenty of college football players and coaches have trash-talked about their opponents leading up to their Saturday matchups. Yet the Tulane Green Wave football team might’ve just created a new way to get under the skin of the opposition. The team is trolling their next opponent Ole Miss with SEC conference championship stickers that will adorn their helmets on game day.

Tulane University used to be part of the Southeastern Conference decades ago. In fact, their history within the conference dates back to the 1800s. The New Orleans, Louisiana college eventually left the SEC in 1966. Today, they compete in the American Athletic Conference (AAC). But as members of the SEC, Tulane had some successful seasons that they made sure to highlight for this weekend’s game.

The Green Wave revealed special old-school helmets that they’ll wear in their matchup against the SEC’s Ole Miss. The helmets are adorned with their old SEC mascot “Greenie” – a cartoon football player running with a Green Wave flag. In addition, Tulane’s helmet will have a decal with the years of their three SEC conference titles. The Green Wave won those titles in 1934, 1939, and 1949.

Tulane Trolls Ole Miss Head Coach and the SEC

The Tulane Green Wave is trolling Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin and the SEC because of recent comments he made. Two weeks ago, unranked Tulane faced one of college football’s premier schools in the No. 3-ranked Oklahoma Sooners.

Most fans and college football analysts assumed Oklahoma would run away with the game. But Tulane held their own in a closely contended game that saw the Sooners narrowly nab the victory 40-35. It was a solid effort that garnered respect for the Green Wave football team. Tulane may have been pushovers in previous seasons, but they’ve looked good in their first two games so far.

Last week, they bounced back from the Oklahoma loss to crush Morgan State 69-20. They currently stand at 1-1 heading into Saturday’s game against No. 17 Ole Miss. On Monday, Coach Kiffin spoke about his team’s upcoming game against Tulane. He called the Green Wave “an SEC team” as a compliment for how well they’ve played. The SEC is the best college football conference in the nation. But it was a strange compliment considering they were part of the conference in the past.

“(Tulane) is a really good team, very talented, very well coached. And that’s not coach-speak . . . you can see it on film,” Kiffin said, according to 24/7 Sports. “They go to Norman and go down to the last play of the game. Watching, they have really good players. Like a lot of times, these Alabama, Louisiana schools . . . there are a lot of players there in the state. They can’t all go to Alabama, Auburn or LSU, so we see them all over the place, really. They’re good-looking kids.” 

Tulane’s subtle jab with their helmet stickers may go unnoticed by most. Yet it’s a witty nod to their SEC history and a playful response to Kiffin’s recent comments.