Two Padres Fans, A Mother & Her 2-Year-Old Son, Fall Six Stories to Their Deaths at Petco Park

by Madison Miller

A family showed up to enjoy Saturday’s Padres game at Petco Park in San Diego. Tragically, the woman and her 2-year-old son are now dead after falling from the third level at the stadium.

San Diego police are now investigating the deaths of these two individuals. The fall happened as everyone was filing in for the Padres game. They were pronounced dead at the scene at 4:11 p.m.

Two Dead at Padres Game

According to the San Diego Tribune, the pair fell from the third-level concourse and landed on the sidewalk right near the stadium. This is the equivalent of a six-story fall. The names of the 40-year-old mother and her son have not yet been released to the public.

The pair was also at the stadium with the father, but he did not fall or have any injuries.

There is an ongoing investigation by the police department to determine what led to the deadly fall at the Padres game. Apparently, it’s too early right now to know whether the fall was completely accidental or if it was intentional. Authorities said that the deaths did, however, appear “to be suspicious.”

The deadly fall did happen in a place with several witnesses present. Authorities are hoping those present in the concourse may have some additional information related to the case, which could bring finality to the entire tragic situation.

It was a sad and terrifying incident for fellow fans to witness prior to the Padres and Atlanta Braves game. Social media discussed the situation and the uneasiness some fans felt sitting and watching the game after that happened.

“I’m just sitting in my seat crying. Wtf even matters right now on the field knowing what went down here. If anyone is at Petco and needs a hug I’m down. This is beyond devastating,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Man Found Dead at Citi Field

According to USA Today, from 1960 to May 2017 there have been 25 deaths related to falling in stadiums. That does not include those who have fallen in those last four years as well.

While death from falling at a stadium is rare, it still happens on occasion. Some people have called for extra precautions to go into place to prevent these deadly mishaps.

There was another deadly fall that happened in late August at Citi Field in New York. A man was discovered after he fell to his death from a second-floor staircase.

CNN reported that the 46-year-old man had been transported in critical condition to the hospital. He, unfortunately, was pronounced dead when he arrived. It was unclear at the time if the man’s death was accidental or not.

The man was not there for a baseball game. Rather, the popular rock band, Dead & Company has been playing there that night instead.