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Tyron Woodley Gets ‘I Love Jake Paul’ Tattoo After Losing Fight

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Tyron Woodley is a #ManOfHisWord. The former UFC fighter got a new tattoo — as promised — that says “I Love Jake Paul.” Now he wants Jake Paul to hold up his end of the deal and schedule a rematch.

The ink was part of the deal Woodley agreed to if he wanted a rematch against the YouTube-star turned boxer. Though, the agreement didn’t say where he had to get it. Woodley inked it on his middle finger.

The 39-year-old shared the tat on Instagram, another stipulation of their bet.

“I love you son. Now come and get this ass wh*pping cause I heard you been talking back to your elders,” he posted along with the photo. He included the hashtag #ManOfMyWord.

Jake Paul beat Tyron Woodley in a split decision on Aug. 29 in Cleveland. The 24-year-old Paul is now 4-0 as a professional boxer. Though he hasn’t fought a professional boxer yet.

The MMA fighter promised he’d get the tattoo after the bout, but Paul said it was taking too long. He added the rematch “doesn’t make sense anymore.”

”I’m over it,” Paul told ESPN. “I’m leaving Tyron in the past. He didn’t live up to the bet — he didn’t get the tattoo. So, the rematch just doesn’t make sense anymore.”

The fight was a major draw and a massive payday for both men. They made an estimated $2 million each, not including their cut of pay-per-view buys, DraftKings reported. An estimated 500,000 people forked over $59.99 to watch the bout. It’s unclear how much each of them will make from that take, but it’s likely in the millions.

If Woodley Rematch is Done, Who is Next Up For Jake Paul?

There is no shortage of fighters and former fighters that want their shot at beating Jake Paul. And while boxing fans have mocked the YouTuber, he’s been pretty strategic and canny in picking his fights.

Paul said he wants to fight Conor McGregor, but that’s not going to happen. Not, at least, until McGregor is desperate for money, which won’t be anytime soon. But there is a new challenger that has a chance to step into the ring with Jake Paul.

MMA star Victor Belfort recently beat former heavyweight boxer Evander Holyfield in the first round of a boxing event earlier this month. Belfort, 44, said he wants to fight Paul next.

And streaming service Triller says it will put up a $30 million, winner-take-all purse for the rights to the fight, ABC News reported. However, Paul isn’t buying it.

“It could be a possibility. But honestly, Triller doesn’t have that money,” Paul said. “There’s no possible way. It’s just a smart play on their end. It’s not really that interesting of a fight, in my opinion. Vitor, again, is old and washed up.”

Some oddsmakers think Paul could next fight Tommy Fury, the 7-0 boxing brother of heavyweight champ Tyson Fury. But the odds-on favorite is still Tyron Woodley.