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UCF Football Player Justin Hodges Arrested Following Violent Home Invasion

by Suzanne Halliburton
central floridas justin hodges arrested dismissed from team
Peter Joneleit/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Orlando police arrested Central Florida football player Justin Hodges for his alleged role in a home invasion.

The Central Florida athletic department then issued the following statement after Hodges’ arrest:

“Justin Hodges has been dismissed from the football program. Per university policy, the UCF student conduct process will be initiated.”

Hodges was a starting cornerback who just finished his junior season with the Golden Knights. He grew up in Fort Lauderdale.

Orlando police said that incident happened at an apartment on the 28th floor of a downtown high rise earlier this month. A resident told police that masked men with guns came into the apartment and beat him.

Orlando’s Fox 35 reported that the city’s Criminal Investigations Violent Crimes Unit investigated the incident. The unit issued a statement explaining what it learned.

“Our detectives discovered the victim and his ex-girlfriend, Nevaeh Mosher, had a disagreement regarding a new male friend after she returned to the apartment the previous night wearing the new male friend’s clothing. The victim discarded these items of clothing.” The statement said that the clothing belonged to Hodges. And Mosher told Hodges about the disposal of his clothing items.

Police Said Woman Told Justin Hodges How to Enter Secured Building

Detectives said that Mosher told Justin Hodges how to enter the secured building.  Police said that Hodges, along with two other men, met up with Mosher, then went to the alleged victim’s apartment. Police said that when the victim answered the door, the men pushed him and struck him in the face.

The investigators said they used surveillance video to identify all the suspects along with Mosher. She also was arrested. The investigators said Mosher was “deceptive and inconsistent” when she talked to them. Police say they still are looking for the other two suspects.

Justin Hodges played in all 14 Central games last fall. He totaled 40 tackles, with five pass break ups and an interception. He also recovered two fumbles and registered a sack.