LOOK: UCLA Draws Embarrassingly Small Rose Bowl Crowd After All-Time Low Attendance

by Dustin Schutte

Apparently, the people of Los Angeles have much better things to do on a Saturday afternoon than venture inside the walls of the Rose Bowl. Once again, the iconic venue hosted a sparse crowd as UCLA hit the field for college football‘s Week 3.

Saturday, UCLA hosted South Alabama for a non-conference showdown. It didn’t draw much interest, as an embarrassingly low number of fans showed up for the game. It’s been a consistent theme for the Bruins through the first three weeks of the year.

Ben Bolch of the L.A. Times shared an image from inside the Rose Bowl. Needless to say, those who showed up got the chance to watch the game from basically anywhere in the house.

This disappointing image comes just a few weeks after the Rose Bowl recorded an all-time attendance low for a single game. In UCLA’s opener against Bowling Green, just 27,143 fans attended the contest.

To be somewhat fair, classes at UCLA don’t begin until Monday, Sept. 19 because the school runs on a quarter system. There may not be as many students on campus for some of these early-season games.

Still, you’d thing an iconic venue like the Rose Bowl would draw a solid crowd. Apparently, that’s not the case. It’ll be interesting if students and fans start showing up in larger groups once the quarter gets underway.

Would You Rather be UCLA or South Carolina?

While UCLA has had trouble drawing fans to the Rose Bowl through the first three games of the 2022 season, South Carolina had a separate issue on Saturday. Students got a little too comfortable on the field of play.

During an SEC matchup against Georgia in Columbia, the Gamecocks honored several students during a break in the action. Nothing too harmful, right?

It became a problem when students couldn’t get off the field quickly enough. Play was delayed because students were standing in the end zone, waiting to get back to their seats. South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer was visibly upset with the distraction.

We understand the frustration, but it ultimately didn’t matter. Georgia looked like the No. 1 ranked team, cruising to a 48-7 victory over South Carolina.