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UFC 261: Chris Weidman Suffers Gruesome Leg Injury, Twitter Reacts

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)

Bruce Buffer’s booming, “Ladies and Gentlemen! We are live!” catapulted a packed, 15,000 people Jacksonville, Florida stadium into pandemonium. Immediately the fireworks of UFC 261 began.

Fans at UFC 261 were eagerly awaiting the middleweight bout between Uriah Hall and Chris Weidman. The storyline for the fight was set.

Weidman used to be a UFC champion. But, that was almost a decade ago. He saw this fight as a way to get a shot at the title fight. Hall came into the fight ranked as the No. 9 middleweight fighter in the world. Just 17 seconds into the UFC 261 fight, it was all over.

To keep it a PG as possible, Weidman threw a leg kick that landed on Hall, but his shin snapped. When he landed back on it, he instantly crumpled, and the fight was over.

For those who haven’t seen the video, please use caution. Social media was alight with reactions to what is likely one of the most gruesome injuries in recent UFC history. There have been some gnarly broken bones in the sport’s history, but this will always be in the ranks as one of the worst.

The UFC 261 medics rushed to the aid of Weidman as Hall returned to his corner, visibly shaken. For those watching the fight, it was terrifying. The crowd couldn’t contain themselves, and a collective 15,000 gasped for breath.

The Twitter World Reacted Strongly to the UFC 261 Leg Break

Twitter erupted in chaos. Almost instantly, the injury began trending on the social media site. Everyone began to chime in with their feelings about the brutal injury.

The future Jeopardy! guest host, Lavar Burton tweeted, “Prayers up for both @chrisweidman and @UriahHallMMA!” But, he was far from the only celebrity to chime in on the injury.

Chad Ochocinco, who dealt with his fair share of leg injuries in his career, said, “Oh man, Weidman’s leg.” And pro-golfer and model, Paige Spiranac said that she is “never watching fighting again.”

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, watched in horror and tweet, “Noooooooooo man…” But, his wife, Brittany Matthews, had some stronger words. “I’m about to throw up, I can’t.”

Hopefully, Chris Weidman will be okay. Everyone who watched the fight or saw the replay will be holding him in their thoughts.