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UFC 266: Watch the Night’s Most Brutal Knockout That Came 15 Seconds Into the First Round

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

During the UFC 266 preliminary card last night, you may have missed one bout if you blinked. It took only 15 seconds for MMA fighter Matt Semelsberger to knock out his opponent Martin Sano.

Semelsberger came out swinging early as he backed Sano down near the cage within seconds of the first round. As Sano attempted to fight his way out, both fighters swung for each other’s face. Sano threw a left-handed shot that never made contact. However, “Semi the Jedi” landed a devastating right-handed hook at the same time that sent Sano to the mat.

Sano never saw the punch coming as Semelsberger rocked the right side of his face. His legs immediately went out from under him as Sano’s body crumpled to the ground. Semelsberger wasn’t done though. The ref didn’t call it right away, so the fighter continued his assault. The UFC fighter dropped one more hammerfist punch to Sano as he lied defenseless on the mat. But the ref thankfully called the fight and waved off any further attacks.

Sano was done for before he ever got started. Semelsberger took home the victory in one of the quickest fights you’ll ever see with his 15-second knockout.

MMA Fighter Devin Clark Gets Teeth Bashed in at UFC Vegas 37

One week ago on Saturday, Sept. 18, UFC Vegas 37 included one of the more brutal injuries you’ll ever see in the combat sport. Martin Sano may have gotten knocked out in 15 seconds yesterday, but at least he still has his teeth. Moldovan fighter Ion Cutelaba literally bashed in American fighter Devin Clark’s bottom teeth last weekend.

Cutelaba had control of the bout throughout the entire fight. From the first round and on, the 27-year-old had Clark’s number, but the 31-year-old stood tall. The American went the distance, yet he never seemed to have a chance against his opponent. At one point, Cutelaba landed a huge right-hand punch, and it looked like that could be it for Clark. He persevered though and continued on as he took a barrage of hits throughout the fight.

Although Cutelaba didn’t knock him out, Clark never put up much of a fight as the Moldovan clearly earned the win. Along with the loss, Cutelaba sent Clark home with a gruesome injury that will definitely need to be tended to. If you don’t have a strong stomach, you may want to turn away from the picture below.

ESPN’s MMA account said it best with their caption and accompanying photo of Clark’s teeth. “Devin Clark’s mouth was in rough shape after his fight with Ion Cutelaba at #UFCVegas37,” they wrote. That might even be an understatement. Clark’s bottom front teeth are knocked backward into his mouth. There’s blood everywhere as expected from such a serious injury. No one ever accused UFC fights of being safe, but Clark sustained one of the more graphic injuries you’ll ever witness. Hopefully, he had a good dentist on speed dial.