UFC’s Bryce Mitchell Rips ‘Lazy’ Bird Hunters in Unhinged Rant: VIDEO

by Samantha Whidden

On Monday (January 10th), UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell took to his Instagram account to go on an unhinged rant about “lazy” bird hunters in Arkansas. 

In the post, Bryce Mitchell immediately declares that he was about to offend half of Arkansas by his harsh criticism of the state’s bird hunters. “If you’re shootin’ geese and you’re shootin’ turkey and you’re shootin’ duck; and you’re not picking ‘em, you’re just breasting ‘em out. You’re a lazy p—-y and you might as well go vote for Joe Biden.”

Bryce Mitchell stated he doesn’t want to hear how the bird hunters don’t have “enough time” to pluck the birds. “You woke up at 3:30 in the morning and stayed out there til noon and was the last to work. Shootin’ ducks and shootin’ geese. But you don’t want to pluck them cause you don’t have time? Did you ever take a half s–t and halfway wipe your a– cause you don’t got the time? No, you do the whole thing.”

In regards to the hunters who don’t know how to pluck the birds, Bryce Mitchell gave some advice about that as well. “And if you don’t know what to do once you pluck it go watch Martha Stewart on YouTube. And she’ll tell you what to do with it.”

Bryce Mitchell is an American UFC fighter. As of July 2021, he is #11 in the UFC featherweight rankings. He also appeared in the reality TV series The Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated. His nickname is Thug Nasty. Mitchell is reportedly set to go head-to-head against Edson Barboza on March 5, 2022, at UFC 272. The event will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada, which is outside of Las Vegas. 

Bryce Mitchell Talks Potential Rap Career 

During a recent interview with LowKick MMA, Bryce Mitchell opened up about his potential rap career. He recently dropped his first map mixtape. “I’ve seen a lot of positive stuff,” Mitchell stated. “I mean, just people really, really like it. And that’s good.”

Bryce Mitchell then said that he’s planning to keep putting more of his music out there. “Maybe it will just get more popular over time. The feedback’s been really good for the most part. But there’s always people that don’t like it. But my music ain’t for them.”

Also speaking about how he’s expanding his music, Bryce Mitchell revealed plans to get his music on a music platform. “They are trying to get me on Spotify and I’ve got a hit single I could drop right now. It’s money and it’s called Love Gone. But it’s a remix of a song that’s already out there. The guy that sings it is a guy called young Jairo. It’s a great song. I messaged him and asked if I could use a remix of his song.”