UFC: Conor McGregor Recovering Poolside After Undergoing Surgery for Brutal Injury

by Chris Haney

Just one week after UFC legend Conor McGregor had surgery to repair his broken leg, the fighter is living it up poolside in Beverly Hills.

On Wednesday, cameras captured McGregor and a friend having a good time as they soaked up the sun while in Los Angeles. The former UFC champion shared a couple of poolside photos on his Instagram Story and looked to be in good spirits. The two friends lounged around and sipped on some bright red cocktails despite the Irishman’s leg.

As seen in the pictures, McGregor’s left leg is in a full-length cast. Following surgery to repair his leg injury sustained at UFC 264, the fighter has a long road to recovery. You can see the cast is also wrapped from his toes all the way up to his lower thigh.

The ref stopped Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier’s trilogy fight early after “The Notorious” broke his leg. The next day, “The Notorious” had surgery, and it took a rod, a plate, and screws to fix the injury. The operation took more than three hours to complete. Additionally, UFC president Dana White has said he thinks McGregor’s timetable for his recovery process could take a full year.

The Irishman has numerous other business ventures to keep him busy while injured. He also has a brand new Lamborghini boat we’re sure he’ll enjoy on the water this summer. So McGregor is likely taking his recovery in stride. He may not be back in the Octagon until 2022, but he’ll manage in the meantime.

Conor McGregor Suffers Freak Leg Injury During UFC 264 Main Event

On July 10, UFC 264’s main event didn’t exactly live up to the hype. Unfortunately, the bout ended early after only one round. Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier’s trilogy fight came to an abrupt end due to McGregor’s broken leg.

Poirier-McGregor III was the third pairing of the fighters in the UFC Octagon, and their second fight this year alone. Seven years ago, “The Notorious” earned a first-round TKO at UFC 178 in September 2014.

Additionally, in January of this year, the pair had their first rematch. Poirier got revenge on McGregor with a second-round knockout that tied their head-to-head record at 1-1. Yet their third fight couldn’t go the distance. McGregor’s unlucky leg injury forced UFC officials to call the fight due to a doctor stoppage.

With just seconds remaining in the first round of Poirier-McGregor III, the fighters each threw punches that didn’t land. As McGregor stepped back from his missed strike, his left leg gave out. His leg had broken in two places, which brought the bout to a screeching halt. Since McGregor couldn’t continue on, Poirier was awarded the victory.

Each of the UFC fighters has admitted there’s unfinished business following the freak injury that ended the fight early. Fans would surely welcome a fourth fight to truly decide a winner in the McGregor-Poirier series. However, the Irishman’s recovery process will take some time before Poirier-McGregor IV is even a possibility.